REwrite: Releasing Best Sellers

Have you ever wanted to re-write your past? A bad relationship? A mistake you made? A decision that changed the course of your life?

What about your future? Have you ever wondered if you could re-write the way your future will turn out? Whether you have the power to overcome and override what-looks-certain in order to achieve the impossible?

As I’m teaching my boys to read, I’ve realized how different of a skill it is to absorb information (reading) than it is to assemble thoughts and ideas and letters in your head and have them flow out of your instrument (writing).

Reading receives data and assimilates it. Writing assembles data and issues it outwardly.

We need writing. If all we had was oral communication and reading – but not writing – we would have an exchange of information and ideas, but no long term memory.

To write is not just the act of ink flowing from a pen; it’s the assembling of issues for outward release.

Writing publishes outwardly what is on the inside.

Typically, we think of books, articles, magazines, and periodicals (both in print and now online) when we think of publishing. And indeed, millions – if not billions – of stories are issued every year through these means.

What if stories were not only flowing through our keyboards, screens, and pens but what if there are other kinds of stories?

What if WE are the REAL stories that were supposed to be told?

What if individual human lives – all seven and a half billion of them on the earth – are the living, breathing books that are supposed to be read by the world?

Each of us is a work of art, unlike any other. Equipped with our own unique stamp – unique fingerprints that set us apart from billions of others.

Prose can be copied. Human life cannot. Not even twins or cloning can replicate a fingerprint, let alone the abundance of life, ideas, and literal seed jam-packed into each one of us.

We’re a limited edition release. A first-and-last run publication.

When you were published, you were formally announced to the world. You were released for distribution.

That means that you were released with the express intent of being read; of being consumed, of contributing to the landscape of the world.

Your very birthdate announces your purpose of broadcast and dissemination.

Most do not realize they are an original work worthy of public consumption.

Even if we harbor a secret knowledge that we are truly great inside, we all have accumulated graffiti written over the storyboard of our lives.

Cruel words, hurtful circumstances, and evil intent have vandalized our heart stories.

The tragedy is that most folks are living their lives in reaction to the vandals, rather than to honor and promulgate their own story.

We’re reaping a hijack rather than sowing an original.

That’s where RE-writing comes in.

In common vernacular, we think of rewriting in a limited way. We think of crumpling up miswritten pages, ripping out sheets from the typewriter and starting over, using white-out, pushing the delete button, or cutting and pasting. We think rewriting is about UNDOING.

And of course, lots of stuff in our lives came in without our permission (or even with it) that tore us down and took away from us. So it’s natural to want a do-over.

So sadly, we convince ourselves that we must self-correct. And in our striving to improve ourselves, we begin to believe that what’s inside needs improving! We begin to look down upon – or at least overlook our own story.

Yet, “re” is a prefix that means “back or again”. And “write” means to express or set forth.

Rewriting is a return to expressing what is within.

To truly undo your past and recast your future, you must dig way back to the Original You.

You must get back to what was written on your heart in the beginning.

Remember, you’ve already been released to the world for public consumption and betterment.

In this month of giving thanks, it’s my hope that you will let the graffiti go and get back out into the world where you belong – an assembled, unique, glorious book.

We think you’re a best-seller.

As the year began, I came to understand that 2014 was to be a year of publishing. Reflexively, at first I believed this meant I would be adding to my ISBN numbers and release more books on “restoring order” to our lives.

And then I looked beyond the page.

I saw that by year end we will have held 715 appointments with people, families, and businesses, helping them to reclaim their lives and their stories. We’ve graduated 56 victorious people through a course on discovering their unique purpose in the world.

As our team of 10 at Restoring Order, we’ve collectively hosted countless events, poured gallons of coffee and tea, decorated with flower and fauna, cooked and baked, drove thousands of miles, encouraged, exhorted, organized, categorized, filed, hauled, dug out, dug in, sweated, cried, and hugged our way through thousands of contacts with YOU.

Over 5000 hours have been invested in releasing Original Works- infinitely worthwhile unique stories that deserve to be returned to their original glory and READ by the world. Thank you for the privilege of helping YOU to be expressed in the world.

In partnering together we are composing the future.

Vicki Norris


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