REvoke: Undo Your Past & Change Your Future

“I’m a bad boy,” said my disheartened little boy as he looked at the shattered dish on the floor. I immediately paused with a pierced heart.

I got down on my knees and looked him right in the eye and declared emphatically, “NO! You are NOT a bad boy! You are a wonderful, smart, righteous boy! You just made a mistake. We all make mistakes. Now cancel that right now!”

He looked at me and the clouds cleared from his face. Remembrance came to him. His chin lifted and then he spoke with gathering strength, “I cancel that right now! I break with saying I’m bad.”

I persisted, asking, “So what’s TRUE?”

His strength returned and he replied with a smile, “I am an awesome boy!”

“Good! That’s RIGHT!” I cheered, and grabbed him into a big long hug. His smile returned and he helped me finish cleaning up. I told him the dish was just a thing and HE was more important to me.

Later that day we went to a clothing store. We watched as a mom dragged her toddler through the store while talking with her mom about the drama in her life. Her voice was harsh and criticisms loud.

Her curious little fellow kept toddling away while she was distracted.

When she would look up, she would yank him back and say, “You little brat, get back here!”

Then she would sigh with annoyance and tell her mom, “He’s such a pain.”

The mom agreed.

With the freedom this seemingly common distraction allowed, he kept darting here and there, looking over his shoulder back at his mom and grandma.

Finally she stuffed him in the stroller and they headed for the registers. The little one had a sad and faraway look on his face.

My mind ached as I wondered if a brat and a pain was being formed.

Too often, we have unthinkingly used words that have cursed others.

And all too frequently, we have used words that have cursed ourselves as well.

And these words have gone to work in the lives of others and the lives of ourselves, accomplishing exactly what they were sent to do, regardless of our conscious intent.

Think about it…how many times have we said destructive things – even internally – when we are frustrated or disheartened?

“I’ll never get a better job”

“My kids are annoying and fuss all the time.”

“I hate my hair; it’s so thin.”

“I probably can’t get anything better than this; I don’t even have an education.”

“My spouse is so hurtful and mean.”

“I’m not good with money.”

“I’m not creative.”

“That person hates me; they always ignore me.”

“I could never teach my kids anything, they never listen to me.”

“I can’t afford to do that (thing I really want to do). It just costs too much anyway.”

If any of these statements seem familiar, just look at the outcome of these words. Do you still have annoying children, money troubles, and lack creativity? Probably so!

Isn’t that disturbing?

You see, there is a long list of words that have been established AGAINST us, our family, those we know, and our future.

And all too often, they have come out of our own mouths!

The good news is, our words also have wonder-working creative power! Our words can bring opportunity, possibility, and collaboration. 

Our words can support our purpose and make our dreams come true….

Two and a half years ago I was at a baby shower and the woman hosting it was bustling around the kitchen. The decorations were so creative and adorable. I felt like I was in a Pinterest board!

I said to the hostess-with-the-mostess, “Cambria, I should hire you to do our events at Restoring Order!”

I had met her a few times before and all I knew is that she was very busy with several jobs.

The comment had just flown out of my mouth with admiration for her gifting.

Fast forward.

Last year I put out on Facebook a request for help for our growing business. I needed a personal assistant who could keep our farmstead and barn conference center flowing with all the clients, workshops, events, and hospitality we are now doing.

And to my shock, guess who applied?


She is now our Household Manager and has changed our lives for the better.

I immediately recognized the connection of what had been created.

My words had gone to work – without either of us knowing it – to knit gifting and purpose together.


Over ten years ago I was driving past a house I had always admired. A darling white farmhouse surrounded by a laurel hedge, with a barn and shop in the back.

There had been a long-term affinity in my heart for this house.

I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t a fancy or assuming place.

But it was dreamy to me. I could see myself there.

At the time I lived in a small and modest house a mile away.

I knew in the natural that this type of farm was way out of our range.

But what was in my heart overwhelmed the natural.

And that hot summer day, and overcome by this affinity, I found myself directing the steering wheel into their driveway and knocking on their door.

Feeling like a stalker, not really believing what I was actually doing, I sheepishly said, “If you ever think about selling, would you call me?”

They took my card politely but I had obviously intruded on their day.

I never forgot about that wild moment and they never called.

But when the house went up for sale four or five years later, that moment came rushing back to me.

And through a series of miracles, we now live at Dream Acres.

I wonder if I would be sitting here now at this kitchen counter, looking out at this place of peace where deer linger in my orchard, where my husband creates inventions in the shop, and my children are being raised in the country if I had not uttered those words over a decade ago.

We literally have life and death in our mouths. The power to heal. The power to create. The power to lift up and the power to put down. 

So think about the words you have issued. Are there any you’d like to retract?

You CAN!

Our mouths can issue decrees that last forever.

Unless they are cancelled.

It is never too late to REvoke our words, and undo their power over our past, ourselves, and others.

Just verbally speak – out loud –  that you cut off/break with that statement. And send it away.

As you are doing this, you are taking down – literally dismantling – that thought’s power in your life (because the statement came from a thought).

Then, replace that destructive statement with the truth. This is important because getting rid of the poison is not enough. Upgrading to the truth is essential.

It’s that simple.

And think about what is needed in your life right now.

Restoration? Friendship? Resources?

Look back and see if there is anything preventing the flow of those things into your life.

If you bump into a negative, destructive thought and statement, cancel it and replace it!

You have the power to change your future!

Or even if there isn’t anything blocking it, but you want it to happen (like Cambria “happened” to us as I created it!), then speak it out!

Verbally – out loud – declare what you want to see happen.

You can write it down first if that helps. You can even make a list and decree all the things on your list.

Just be respectful of the true power of your words….because once unleashed, these things will begin to go to work in your life. Some will manifest soon, some years later. So you better be sure you want those outcomes!

Isn’t it wonderful to see that we came equipped with a back-up plan? That even though we’ve unknowingly torn down elements of our lives, we can build them back up? That even though we’ve allowed negativity and destruction to come through our mouths, we can replace it with positivity and possibility through the same mouth?!

Your words are proof of your inborn design as a creator. Your words are evidence of your power. Use it wisely.

Your friend in creating,

~Vicki Norris



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