REinvent: How Our Family is Creating Our Dream Life

Here at Restoring Order, things are expanding! We have started using Dream Acres as an event center and we have added to our team!

Something happens to me every time change comes to Restoring Order: I nest. This mama bird starts rearranging the nest, pitching the old feathers and sticks, and shoring up the dents.

I literally start organizing and beautifying the office. I update our training materials. From the filing system to to-do list, to the lending library, I pass through most of our systems.

When transition happens, it’s a good time to REvisit our systems. It’s not just about sprucing or tidying. Revisiting something is about much more…

Revisiting allows us to reflect on where we’ve been

As I reviewed past employee onboarding materials and schedules, I thought about all the past employees we’ve had and how blessed we’ve been to work with such incredible people.

I could see how with every passing year, we’ve become smarter, leaner, and better. We’ve become more tuned in to what really matters and shed extraneous meetings, processes, and layers of complications. We’ve practiced what we’ve always preached and “simplified.”

Revisiting invites us to imagine where we’re going.

I just bought this fabulous sign the other day that I could NOT resist. It says “What is meant to be has already begun.” What wisdom! What we are intended for is already in motion!

We all have a destiny on our lives. In fact, Restoring Order as a business, a living organism, has a destiny on it as well. It has a place in this world and a purpose to fulfill in the earth.

Our purpose was established before time began and we have the privilege of discovering it day by day. (Now isn’t that a more exciting way to live than simply “getting by”?)

So, as I have been sharing with staff about our mandate as a company, our approach, our methods, and our high privilege to intersect YOU – our friends and clients – I found that love fuel was poured on my fire for Restoring Order!


A refreshed focus came, and an increase in clarity arose. Like a breeze, a sense that we are getting closer to what we are destined for wafted through me.

I can see things more distinctly now. I am understanding more deeply why I’ve never been satisfied with just being an organizing company; and why we’ve always handled people, households, and businesses with a whole-life approach. We would rather order than simply organizeSimply revisiting who we are and where we’re going caused me to become even more committed to stewarding all that we’ve been entrusted with and ensuring we fulfill what we were sent to do!

The reality is: we help people reclaim every area of their life: household, work, health, finances, and spirit. After all, when you RESTORE ORDER, you are bringing your life and space into congruence with who you really are. To create lasting order in even one space, you cannot ignore the context of your life.  We are “order restorers” rather than just organizers.

Revisiting is an opportunity to
insert our very presence into something and bring it into the NOW

Profoundly, I discovered that as I was revisiting our structures, I was re-inserting myself into them. I was breathing new life into them. I was exhaling my life, my passion, my determination, my vision right into the future.

In some supernatural way, I was literally bringing the presence of what I carry into the business.

We often forget (or may have never discovered) that we in fact have that power.

We end up serving life and feeling “underground” for most of our days.

Yet, the fact remains that we are created, creative beings. We have creative power to birth things (as I did 14 years ago when I birthed Restoring Order® into this world) and we have creative power to recharge and revitalize things. We were born to create.

I am learning to love change. I didn’t use to, back when I lived in fear. Fear of failure. Fear of man. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown. But now I know that without change I cannot become what I have always been destined for.

So, what can you REvisit today? Is it time to reflect, imagine, or re-insert yourself? Please share in the blog comments below what you will REvisit in your life…a relationship, a dream on the back burner, or even a business that’s going quite well…. It’s always a good time to REvisit, because when we do, we discover the landscape of our journey to our destiny!



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