REverse: The Answer is Back There

I broke down in tears. My sons came to me in concern, one bringing a tissue and another climbing up on the counter to fetch a glass to be filled with water for me. They began to wait on me as the tears fell down.

They wanted to know what was wrong with mommy.

My soul wrenched inside me and I told them I was sad because I was going to miss daddy. He would be gone for a month and I would miss him so much, I said.

Their eyes filled as they began to share my grief.

I hugged on them and gratefully received their tender care; pleased that these young-men-in-the-making were filled with compassion.

Yet even as I spoke, I experienced DIScomfort in the telling of my sorrow.

I knew something was amiss.

Later that night as I was putting them to bed, I became exhausted. My throat began to be wickedly sore, and I had that nearly-forgotten sense of dread of the sickness that was ahead for me. The kind where you’re inclined to calculate how long you might be afflicted.

Happily, I’m not the person I used to be and I no longer think like I used to. I knew right away that I wasn’t mysteriously getting sick.

I knew that my soulish response had opened the door to breakdown for my body.

Immediately, and thankfully, I knew what to do. I changed my mind about the matter.

I backed up. I shifted into REverse.

I remembered WHY our family was sending my husband on this trip in the first place. I remembered our hearts to send our helper to meet the needs of loved ones. I remembered that we were “sending” him; not losing him.

I stopped counting the cost of all that we’d be responsible for in his absence.

I returned to the right perspective and shed the loss mentality.

Reaching for the apple cider vinegar and frankincense oil, I soothed my throat with care and went to bed.

I woke up the next day with an entirely new attitude and no trace of the dreaded, pull-you-down-to-the-pit sore throat that had presented the day before!

Isn’t it wonderful when you have moments where you can celebrate your own progress?? I have finally absorbed and owned the connection between spirit, soul, and body. I’m recalling before it is too late that there are consequences for wrong thinking and I’m correcting the matter swiftly.

I’m no longer a victim.

I’m returning to what is true and I’m no longer indulging feeling sorry for myself. I’m choosing a position of empowerment rather than DISempowerment.

That next day I not only experienced physical health and mental wellness, I also went to my boys and asked them to forgive me. I told them Mom was not in her right state when I broke down and felt sorry for myself. I reminded them that we were sending Dad on this trip and that we would be his “home court” team. They embraced me and their attitudes began to mirror mine. Their minds shifted, too.

To “reverse” means to go or turn back or to act in an opposite manner than the usual.

When I reversed my soulish, woe-is-me attitude and returned to the actual state of the matter, health began to reign in my mind, and then my body!

When I turned my mind back to its original, true position, order was restored!!

I don’t know if you are as amazed as I am by this turnaround, but I never will cease to experience AWE that when proper order is restored in our life, everything begins to manifest signs of health.

I never used to think like this. I used to mysteriously “get sick” a lot and wondered why I would get so many illnesses. I was always “getting” things; on the receiving end of the short end of the stick.

I blamed illness on a weak immune system. (Now that I’m eating better that may partially have been true, but it was not what “opened the door”!)

I blamed it on being “exposed” to germs.

I blamed it on a lot of things, but it never occurred to me that I, ME, Yours Truly, and my MIND had anything to do with it.

Now I know what even the American Center for Disease Control knows: 80% of illness is stress or emotionally-related.

You, too, can restore order to your mind and your health. Just shift gears into reverse!

Go back to the beginning of the matter.

Find out what’s behind the matter. (Hint: usually it’s one of these offenders: sorrow, anger, hurt, or unforgiveness).

Then bag up that unhealthy, unhelpful, victim thinking and take it out to the trash!

Now return to the truth about yourself and the situation.

REversing is about coming back to the right perspective. It’s not as bad or dark as it seems when you’re looking through the soul window. Just look through the spirit window and you will see clearly – you’ll see things as they actually are.

Once you look out the right window, everything in your life will fall into order; including your body. (After all, our body just gets what we give it. When we give it stress, sorrow, and strife, it is not wired for it and it breaks down. It’s like giving your car soda pop as fuel and wondering why it won’t drive.)

Interestingly, “verse” means a line, a stanza, or a poem. A verse is – in brief – a piece of a story. When we tell ourselves stories that aren’t true or healthy, we begin to manifest the fruit of that storyline. When we align with the beautiful poem of who we really are, and how magnificent this life – and our part in it- really is, we will begin to manifest that storyline.

When we REverse to the right storyline, we will find the answer to abundant and victorious living.

I invite you to join me in this journey of empowered living, of taking back our power from all the darkness that life serves up. I am living proof that anyone can “restore order” to every area of their life!

Yours in health,

~ Vicki Norris


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