Restoring Order to Your Closet

This article was first run on Touchmark at Fairway Village’s October Newsletter

Restoring Order to Your Closet

The closet is an intimate space. In it, we store our memories, hang our good intentions, stow our beliefs, and catalog our image. Our emotions and self-image are often tied into this space; no wonder it’s so hard to bring ourselves to tackle this tangled storage space!

In order to overhaul a clothes closet and ensure that your efforts last, you will need to unload the space completely. First, clear your bedroom of clutter, make the bed, and have lots of laundry baskets (and, if possible – a rolling garment rack) for sorting and organizing items.

Begin the macro-sort. Remove items by type: pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, undergarments, etc. Shirts (for instance) will likely require several piles: tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. Add each type into an orderly pile or bin. Don’t try to make decisions at this point.

Next conduct the micro-sort. Go through each pile one-at-a-time and evaluate quantity. For example, it is much easier to get rid of a white tank top if you already have 6 others! Only keep your favorites.

Decision-making about clothing can be emotional and we can end up keeping more than we wear. It’s okay to keep items with fond memories, or items in the size we used to wear. However, the problem occurs when we have kept so many of these items that we no longer have room for the things we do wear and enjoy!

After the micro-sort, evaluate the framework of the closet. If it’s insufficient or non-optimized space, consider a custom closet install. If the existing system is acceptable, clean and vacuum the closet and reload! I personally like to dress by color, so I store my clothing with like shades together.



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