REsponsibilitarians - UNITE 07-2016

In the last few years, I have paid close attention to those that are being drawn nearest to our core, and those that have drifted.

As our mandate of helping the overwhelmed become Life Reclaimists has crystallized, we are attracting other REsponsibilitarians.

You know who you are.

You were raised to put in effort and not quit.

You set the table, cleared your plate and helped with dishes.Responsibilitarians

You had actual chores and didn’t always get paid. Because that’s what families do.

You have working hands. And hands are interesting to you because they tell a story.

You feel uncomfortable just sitting around and – even as a guest at someone’s home – you’d rather help than be waited on. You come early to help set up and you stay late to clean up.

You’d rather contribute something than consume something.

You put your best forward. Every time. You don’t know how to show up “half way.”

And….you may be finding yourself a little out-of-place in this culture looking for handouts and shortcuts.

Welcome to the Family!

A tribe of REsponsibilitarians!

Some of us have been raised with these values, some have providentially moved into these practices.REsponsibilitarians step in when others step out

But it’s not just the way were raised. We also have made distinctive choices along the way.

We have stepped IN when we could have stepped out.

We have sacrificed when others have taken their share.

We have seen and acted in light of the needs of the whole.

Because we’re bothered by the trending myopic “ME FIRST” mentality.

And along our committed journey of personal responsibility, some of us are becoming Order Restorers.

An Order Restorer is a REsponsibilitarian on steroids. And sissies need not apply. Because an Order Restorer FIRST deals with internal incongruence before acting externally.

True Order Restorers have dealt with their own “junk in the trunk.” And they’re willing to swiftly deal with any more that arises. Because they’re healed INSIDE, they can operate with strength and maturity on the OUTSIDE.

Because they’ve invested the time to examine and upgrade their own thinking about themselves, they have let go of negativity and judgment. Their own self-approval allows them to approve of others. This rare investment obliterates grumbling, self-pity, and anger within themselves so they can live in peace and approval with their fellowman.

And life has no darkness in it. They can only become this when they have removed the obstacles to unity and honor.

And so, we can see why Order Restorers are so rare nowadays.

It requires full, upgrading engagement, first with yourself and then with others.

It requires us to operate in our Original, whole design.

So, if you are bound by your design to show up in force – even if no one else comes to the party – you’re a REsponsibilitarian.

And if you’re showing up whole to heal the world, you’re an Order Restorer.

And NOW it’s time that we REsponsibilitarians find each other.

It’s time that we come out from behind our keyboards and well-ordered homes and helms of ships to UNITE!

Because there’s work to be done. Of course.

And we are the ones that get things done.

And some of the Big Problems of the world are calling US!

We simply must find one another – for community so we can encourage one another along our journeys to become Order Restorers – people of purpose and wholeness.

But more importantly, we must come together because what has been packed inside of me and sent to this world as a love gift is meant to be partnered with the care package inside of you!

Our gifts working together will heal people and systems of this hurting world. When our gifts come together, we can actually mobilize solve its Big Problems.

I don’t need to tell you that we face unprecedented unrest in the world. That’s why the world is crying out for Order Restorers – people OF REST – to intervene and bring peace.

  • If you aren’t sure these descriptions fit you, it may be time to respond-to-the-ability within you. That’s how REsponsibilitarians are born.


  • If you are a REsponsibilitarian who is burning to help the world, be sure you’ve invested the time to heal your own hurts first so you can show up whole.


  • If you’re on the whole-of-soul track of an Order Restorer, tune in to others who may be carrying something that you need.

It turns out that all of us in the Human Family are meant to partner together – and some are like chemical reactions when joined together.

Calling forth everyone YOU are supposed to unite with so that together we can heal the world!

~Vicki Norris

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