Organize Your Home Office

Since 1999, nearly every time our Client Services Manager has answered the phone and talked to people dealing with overwhelm, a common theme has arisen: most are buried in paper!

In fact, the number one organizing challenge people seem to face at home is dealing with their HOME OFFICE.

It’s a spare room and a dumping ground; its surfaces are covered in paper, and its contents creep throughout the home.

What can be done? Where do you start?

Whether you need an office overhaul or paper tutorial, we have options at Restoring Order® to help you restore your home office!



1. If your kitchen counter and desktop are covered in paper, and you need a place to process incoming items, our Creating a Household Command Center video is a great first step!

2. If you feel like burning down your home office and starting over, there is hope! We can help you learn how to set up functional space and establish necessary stations. Our Home Offices: How to Avoid Arson video will equip you to take back this critical household real estate!

3. If paper is your nemesis, you are among the majority! Our most popular tools are our paper management videos.

  • If you’re looking for an overview of ALL the paper management systems, you’ve got to get The 5 P’s of Paper Management – it will demystify paper forever and jump start your sorting and systemization process. You’ll love the demonstration that will show you how to address the archeological dig that is your desktop!
  • The most complex of all paper issues is filing. No one seems to know how to create a simple, lasting, scalable filing system with clear categories and understandable file names. Most folks either avoid filing or jam new paperwork into tightly-packed, jumbled file drawers. To overhaul your filing system, you’ll want to begin with Filing Systems That Work – our video that will make you a filing genius!
  • The best idea (and value!) is to get the entire paper management series and watch them all! Beginning with the Five P’s of Paper Management, you will simply view each video with some popcorn and your favorite beverage, BEFORE ripping apart your current systems and getting going. You will save hours of time and headache with our handy tutorial videos!
4. Did you know Restoring Order has a branded line of retro office organizing products?

They took years of insight and design to develop – derived straight out of our client’s greatest organizing needs. They’re the hippest, most thoughtful products you’ve experienced. Powder-coated with a shimmery silver paint and designed with patented details like removable sections and a custom drawer pull, these products are hand-crafted in Oregon in small batches. Due to our commitment to craftsmanship and the increasing cost of metal, some of our products may remain back-ordered at times. Just call our office to get on our waiting list for these special products and we will let you know when the product you want is in stock! Check out our Restoring Order Reclaim Your Office Collection!


If you’ve tried everything to get organized, or life is just moving too fast, we can help! You can hire our professional organizers to help at home or at work.

We help with home offices and every room of the home. We work side-by-side with you to understand the way YOU live and work and create systems to help you function optimally; systems that make sense for YOUR UNIQUE LIFE.

We aren’t a tips-and-tricks organizing company. We are not about “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

We want to see our clients reclaim their space, their sanity, their priorities, their families, their work, and their entire life!

Restoring Order is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’ve been serving clients in Oregon and Washington since 1999.

We will travel for certain projects, both in-state and domestically, and require a 2-3 day minimum stay.

Simply call our office to find out how we can help you Rescue Your Home Office or tackle any organizing challenge – big or small! 503-625-5774


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