Reputation Your Name is Like StockThe richest king of ancient times – King Solomon, the son of David –  had a lot of things figured out. Unmatched wisdom flowed out of him and people came from near and far to ask him to solve their dilemmas.

One of his most fascinating sayings, considering his unrivaled riches, was: “A good name is more desirable than great wealth.”


Our name is basically our reputation. It’s the beliefs and opinions that are held about us; it’s the characteristics by which we are known.

Likely, we have all experienced an assault on our reputation at some point or another. I know I have!

Not only does it hurt, it goes deep.

A reputation undermined is not just flaming arrows lodged at our castle; it’s an invading army sent to destroy.

A reputational attack is of epic proportions.

Why is that?

There are actually several Greek words that mean “reputation.” To understand the landscape of their meanings is to understand the seriousness of the matter.

  • In reference to reputation itself, it means “valuable, prized, weighty, precious, rare, splendid, highly valued, glorious, and influential.” Reputation = influence.
  • In reference to those of reputation, it means “held in honor, esteemed, especially dear, prized, and precious.” Reputable = honored.
  • In reference to judging someone’s reputation, it means to be of an opinion, to think, to suppose, to be reported as, accounted as, or to seem a certain way. To make a report about someone is to presume to be their judge. Dangerous business.

Your very honor and the influence you will yield in life depend upon your reputation.

Your reputation is like stock. It has an ascribed value.

The process of ascribing value to stock is squirrely and there are many factors. Some tangible. Some intangible.

As your good reputation is expanded, your stock rises.

As your good reputation is demeaned, your stock falls.

And then, there’s a poor reputation. When it falls, no one is surprised. When it improves, people are doubtful. Repairing a damaged reputation is an enormous task. The person of poor reputation is in a pit with slippery walls, faced with a difficult task to escape.

This is why being of good character is important in the first place. So that if your reputation is smeared, your stock value is so high that no one gives credit to the invading attack.

We are all unconsciously participating in an “invisible stock exchange” of reputation.  Our words and our actions are ringing bells and impacting stock prices – of ourselves and others.

That which we think and speak about ourselves is constantly affecting not only our belief about ourselves, but our actual state!  “I can’t afford that.” “I’ll never get ahead.” “I am sick.” Then, these caustic words actually go to work against ourselves, our hearts, our bodies, our pocketbooks, and more. We then reduce our value to others as we wear these demoralizing beliefs about ourselves on our sleeve.

In the same way, that which we think and speak about others affects them, their emotions, the state of their soul, and even their health. And eventually, as words and thoughts towards a person mount up like a pointing finger of accusation, they become stained. They begin to wear down. The judgment begins to seep in and many actually become those damaging opinions.

The drastic effect of our thoughts and our words seems overstated; but quantum physics is constantly proving it.

Behold: how powerful are our thoughts and words!

In the last year I have had several attacks upon my reputation. As a business leader, as a person, as a family. None of them founded.

(Although my first reaction is always to examine myself for any shred of veracity, and if so, to remove it swiftly.)

Each invading attack originated from that person’s own pain, immaturity, or dark season.

Yet, a Reputation Assaulter is knowingly or unknowingly leading an army of Doubt, Demoralization, and Dishonor.

How does this happen?

In the same way a stock is devalued.

We believe the “word on the street” about a person or situation.

We accept the “indicators” and exchange the glory of that person, business, or situation to be darkened in our view.

We allow stain to jump from one mouth to another. Then the stain sticks to us.

Wearing the stain, we attract an otherworldly army of Offense and Judgment.

Once THAT army has been mobilized, the plan is destruction of reputation.

Oh, how careful we must be in life to never cast a shadow upon our fellow man!

As the Human Family, we must not participate in the destruction and downfall of another.

Instead, we are designed to contribute to the rise of all.

As we grow from strength to strength ourselves, and are healed in our own hearts, we are able to ADD value to others and increase their stock because our own stock is impervious.

By keeping our thoughts and words clear towards others we protect or raise their stock value.

How do you recover from a reputational assault?

For me, I have Trusted Kindred Spirits into whose arms I can fall. People who will speak LIFE and TRUTH back into me. Whose love is a stain solvent. Whose devoted thoughts and words overwrite assault.

Friends Cheering

Trusted Kindred Spirits aren’t a dime a dozen. They’re a rare and precious treasure. They remind us of how Heaven sees us.

And – equally as important – I have a life document. A carefully curated and stewarded Scroll about who I am. It is the product of my ongoing journey of discovery. I open its pages and remind myself of my own Unchanging Value.

As we’ve considered together the true weight and wealth of our reputation, I hope you’re as inspired as I am to become an Investor in others’ stock.

As we live a life honoring others, even occasional invading armies will eventually be forced to abandon their campaigns. You see, the abundance of our life and the uprightness of our intent sends out rivers of life. And in these rivers darkness loses its foothold and Doubt, Fear, Offense, and Judgment are replaced with Life.

Thankful today for all the Kindred Spirits in my life who believe in me, our household, and our business. YOU are adding to our stock value just by being magnificent YOU. Thank you for your friendship!

As well, it is our fond aim to bring an ever-increasing rise to YOUR life, to increase YOUR stock value, and to equip you to become victorious Life Reclaimists!


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