Prepare for Baby

Last month, one of our professional organizers met with an expecting mom, Kristen, to tackle a multi-room organizing project to prepare for baby!

We wanted you to hear from our Order Restorer about this exciting organizing makeover:

When Kristen first showed me her guest bedroom, you could barely open the door. Children’s clothing, wrapping paper, and pillows were the first thing you saw. She was ready for a change.

Eight months pregnant with her third child, Kristen dove into the mess with me. First we sorted all the kids clothing, and I mean ALL the kids clothing. We not only got all the clothing out of the guest bedroom but we focused on each child’s room. Both of the kids rooms had beautiful furniture and yet the clothes they wore were in tubs outside the bedroom. We began to sort the clothing into bankers boxes. Each box acted as a temporary home for specific items. T4 tops, T4 pants, T5 tops, T5 pants, and so on.
By the time we were finished we had around 20 bankers boxes of kids cloths perfectly sorted and ready to find a new permanent home. We looked at the quantity of a certain item and found just the right size drawer for them. We continued this process until all the drawers were full and the boxes were empty. Bright Post-It’s labeled each dresser drawer. Kristen said this would be a fun activity while her girls are learning to read.
Once over the hump of sorting the children’s clothing, we sorted wrapping paper, candles, and other such items. Grouping them into like items, pruning other items for donation, and finding new homes for them throughout the house. We cleared the room completely to create a new purpose for it. Now Kristen has freed up her nursery for the baby to come.
Kristen knows that this project is just the beginning but the finished project of the guest bedroom has fueled her hope to continue restoring order to her whole house.
In Kristen’s own words, here’s what she gained from the project:
“My amazing husband blessed me last week with the gift of Restoring Order! He has seen me struggle in our home over the past year and a half. Knowing how much I have desired true organization being brought back into the equation he gifted me 16 hours of help. We are down to the final stages of my pregnancy with our third child (First son) and we really weren’t prepared for our new addition. Restornig Order came in to help re-purpose our “guest room”. It was a very mis-treated room to say the least.
We purged and sorted toys, transformed our guest room into the beginnings of our youngest daughter’s “Big Girl” room (paint, shelving, closet essentials, shampooed carpet etc.) and last but not least we transformed our laundry room! It feels so amazing! 3 major projects in 3 days while balancing a 5yr old and 20 month old at 34 weeks pregnant… Oh and we can’t forget 2 carloads of donations taken to Goodwill.
By the end of our time together, we had shockingly tackled two of the most intimidating projects in our house.
I say that because I thought we would be blessed to complete 1 project. I also rediscovered how it feels to apply my vision of a home to our “house”. Ted was so pleased with the progress and re-lighting of my passion for our home that we started working on other outstanding projects Saturday morning and kept at it the entire weekend… The two of us have collapsed into bed between midnight and 1:00am each night.
I’m stunned with what’s been accomplished and know it wouldn’t have happened without Restoring Order!!!”
Thanks, Kristen for allowing us in your home and life!

~Vicki Norris



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