What if our hearts and minds were flooded with light and positive focus each day?

How would that inward state determine our outward state?

Would that light-filled inner place, in fact, empower every dream in our heart to manifest?

I am convinced that a light-filled internal reality frees us to fulfill our life’s purpose.

And, conversely, internal darkness prohibits fulfillment.

Almost no one seeks an inner world full of darkness; it’s created externally and internally over time.

It’s created and expanded by what we allow into our lives.

Darkness is a state of separation and hopelessness. It’s comprised of negative thoughts, hurts, memories, and conclusions that we’ve made about ourselves, others, and life.

Darkness is a belief system that has hijacked our original design of faith, hope, and love into a state of self-protection, negativity, and harshness.

REplace - Overcome Toxicity Every single day we are bombarded with negativity from every angle.

Not good enough. Never enough. Can’t measure up. Unfavorable comparison. Negative and hateful talk.

Focusing on what we don’t have rather than what we DO have.

And then, unconsciously, we ourselves often add to the onslaught….

We allow unfiltered violence into our eyes and ears.

We allow Today’s News to shape our internal reality and beliefs.

We allow Cynicism to seep into our soul.

Then, we begin to EAT that which we’ve fed ourselves.

And a negative cycle begins: garbage IN and garbage OUT. We can slip into becoming a purveyor of that which we have taken in. We can no longer see this in ourselves, but it happens.

And there’s nothing more discomforting than living with internal toxicity.

And it cannot be overlooked that many are living in toxic situations, or with someone who is creating a toxic environment (in the family or workplace) due to their own lack of fullness.

Whether darkness has seeped in through our own doing or the influence of another, the outcome is the same…we can feel our souls getting heavier and our attitudes struggling to stay positive.

Replace Internal Darkness with Light

If you can relate, this message is for you.

I know someone out there (maybe the whole world!)  is longing to REplace the internal darkness with a fresh influx of LIGHT. They’re longing to have an internal reset and restore their mindset to one of hope for the future.



Here’s how to overcome toxic living: Think of your internal world as an actual PLACE.  A home, even.

How is that home kept? Is it cluttered with mental and emotional toxicity?

Would you invite people over into that home? Would it be a place of comfort and joy to others?

Is it a place of comfort and joy FOR YOU? Or a place you’d rather escape?

We can REplace darkness with light by homekeeping our internal world. Similar to organizing your space, an internal ordering process begins with identification of that which is out-of-order.

  • Anything you focus on is a poster you’re putting up on the walls of your internal home.
  • Anything you repeatedly let in the front door is something you’re entertaining and keeping company with. Because what you’re taking in IS shaping you and your view on life.

Just as our Order Restorers eliminate clutter in physical spaces, you can restore order to your private world by eliminating internal clutter:

  • Identify negative, unhelpful posters that you’d like to retire. Examples:
    • If you find yourself judging others, it’s likely because you’re judging yourself. Replace self- judgment with the grace to change. Once you see how freeing it feels, you’ll issue it to others.
    • If you’re reacting in self-protection to a toxic person, consider the prison they’re living in. If you aren’t the person to give them the keys to freedom, you can at least let yourself out of prison through forgiveness
  • Edit down your “guest list” of audio and video input
    • Turn off the inflammatory news stations. That includes social media spewing. Unfollowing toxicity is totally appropriate as part of homekeeping your internal world.
    • Consider each podcast, movie, radio program, game and app you’re engaging with. Set a standard of nobility and honor and if they don’t make the cut, edit them out.

Internal homekeeping isn’t just about shedding darkness; it’s an intentional tending of your internal world. Just like tending your physical space is an ongoing process, caring for our internal world is comprised of daily intentional decisions.Overcome Toxicity By Tending Your Internal Garden

  • Anything in your internal landscape that you want to grow needs to be fertilized and watered.
  • As we desire lives of maturity and honor we become increasingly willing to allow our “furniture” to be rearranged and live without expectation and demand.

One of my favorite things to do in the organizing process is to re-envision someone’s space. To empty it and consider it anew, where anything is possible. To literally recreate the space to fit the uniqueness of that individual, family, or business.

Similarly, you can re-create your private world through internal homekeeping!

  • Identify the treasure inside you that has been on the back burner that you can fertilize and water. Examples:
    • Tend your gift of helping others by making a date to come to the assistance of a friend.
    • Tend your gift of encouragement by making time to send an uplifting notecard or text
  • Identify stuff inside that has gotten “stuck in a rut” and make an intentional move to allow change (or just more “flow”) in your life. Examples:
    • If the marriage needs tending, stop waiting for the other to plan a date. Take the initiative!
    • If your schedule has become oppressive, intentionally rearrange it to create space for your kids or your health.

Replace Overcome Toxicity with Internal Homekeeping

My personal journey to live in the light is both an internal and external journey. In my external world:

I love to arrange fresh flowers in vintage vessels throughout my home

I delight in setting out thoughtful and customized hospitality for guests

I have fun creating seasonal centerpieces of interest that keep things fresh


Encouraging Chalkboard I write inspirations to myself and my family on our breezeway chalkboard

Through intentional internal homekeeping, I ensure that these reflexive acts of beautification are in fact an outflow of an internal reality, and never trappings that cover darkness.

How my heart longs for each of you to enjoy the restored life. My hope and desire is that together we can REplace any form of darkness that keeps us struggling with light – first and foremost internally. What good is an organized space if we do not possess internal order?

I’m with you in this journey of allowing ourselves to be stretched and grown and challenged. I’m with you in taking back our lives from all that hinders abundant living.

Let’s join together as Life Reclaimists and create such whole and beautiful internal homes that we cannot be moved by darkness. Let’s let our internal lights shine for a hurting world to see and model!



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