Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

At Restoring Order, we help bring order to every area of your life – household, health, work, finances, and spirit.

We decided to begin this year with a series to help you do just that.  We call it ReOrder Your Life.

This month, with spring in the air – followed by the universal urge to organize – we are focusing on ReOrdering Your Household.  That includes taking back your space and creating systems that work for your lifestyle.

Now before you hunker down and dig in, we have some warnings for you that will help you avoid the organizing burnout that follows unsuccessful attempts to reclaim real estate and sanity in your home.

Over the next couple of weeks, in our “Organizing Mistakes to Avoid” feature, we will cover one organizing fumble on each post.

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Our hope is that knowing what NOT to do will help guide you toward successfully ReOrdering Your Household.


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