REmix: A Fresh Strategy to Embrace Change

I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in the land.

Change has arrived and Change is the new normal.

How do I know?

Because for the last season I’ve been itchy. Restless. Ready. Like overdue ready.

Tired of sameness.

Like I’ve got a handle on my life. Even with all its demands and variety, I know what to do and how to do it.

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I sense I’ve been prepared, but simultaneously have felt that I’m waiting in an endless line, shifting from one foot to the other. Not knowing what’s at the front of the line, and sometimes exhausted by the wait. Faithfully putting one foot in front of the other each day, stewarding what’s before me to do, which is wonderful, albeit more of the Same.


But my feet keep tapping with pent up energy bursting to be channeled in the New Direction.

Can you relate?

Does it feel like your last season came to a quiet finale, and you’ve stumbled into the opening scene of the next season? It sure does for me.


Recognizing change is an art, not a science. Change is an invisible force and so we must sense it. Just as a pilot is constantly scanning his instruments, we must tune into the signals of our life.


Here is what my own dashboard has been indicating:

  • The grace to do more of the Same has lifted. While I must keep my eye on the business at hand, my heart is looking to the horizon. (Having said that, I am closely stewarding all under my domain, as I know that stewardship is what qualifies us for the next realm.)
  • I have an acute need to refashion myself. I am fantasizing about getting rid of all my clothes and starting over. Everything.
  • I’m actively tackling head-on my own exposures. I’m making notes on resistances or areas of healing still needed in myself so that I can swiftly overcome them. I know that the little things compounded actually become or prevent the big thing.
  • I’m boldly sacrificing comfort for better fit. I just got rid of my beloved couch. I have agonized over that couch for years; I loved it so much, even though I knew it wasn’t the right fit for our home. It was always too big for our farmhouse. I insisted on keeping it over the last many years, trying to make it work in many rooms. It was a squishy, bed-like sofa with fancy fabric. It was Comfort. But suddenly last week I was ready. It was as if I had a moment of clarity that Comfort of the Past is not going to get me to where I’m meant to be. And in one hour it was donated. 


This next season is GOOD. I mean it’s whopper good. It promises fulfillment of dreams, even ones that we’ve forgotten about. It’s loaded with expectation.

But what do we expect from life, and from change? Do we think change is ushering in good or harm?

One of my practices as a Life Reclaimist is to intentionally shift my expectations from negative to positive. This harried world can leave us weary and a bit beaten down. And then we begin to expect negative outcomes from life.

Most of us have been trained by life experiences to expect disappointment. Reflexively, we are waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. We’re waiting for something negative to happen.

I’ve found that the more internal order a person has, the more likely they are to receive change well. As Life Reclaimists, many of us have been working on restoring internal order; and the more healed we become, the more we shed negativity. And from a place of internal peace and trust, we begin to expect good – not harm – to come to us.

So if you’re afraid of change, or worried about the future, instead of fretting about what’s coming down the tracks and trying to manage it; try turning your focus to your inner world. Take some internal clutter to the curb.


Clean house on the inside, pulling up the roots of negativity until you get down to fertile soil that can receive the seeds of change.


Here’s a refreshing way to handle it when Change has showed up at your door: do something (or everything!) differently than you’ve done before.


Respond in an entirely new way than you have in the past.

Meet a season of change with a surprise of your own! Mix it up!

Signal the Big Change coming your way that you are READY and you are NOT going to cling to the past. You are going to welcome the Newness in Faith, not Fear.

In big ways or small ways, REmix some intentional change into your life:

• Sit in a different chair at the dinner table or dress up for dinner
• Change your voicemail
• Log OFF your social accounts for a while
• Write out a positive decree on your mirror
• Trade some clothes for a new style
• Change your hairdo
• Offload that clutter/obligation that doesn’t fit your life
Swap the furniture around or trade it out
• Pick up a good habit you’ve been delaying
• Add fresh flowers where you least expect them: in the fridge or on the bathroom counter
• Start writing a journal
• Weed out negative friends
• Overhaul your workstation
• Invite a friend to Remix something with you!

Life Reclaimists know we can’t change our space or stuff or LIFE until we change US.

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Disrupting the patterns and expectations of our life takes time. Our “ways” aren’t always negative; sometimes they’re just limiting. They keep us doing the same thing day in and day out.

We humans have an intrinsic need for security AND variability. When we become too stuck in Sameness, we can fall into fear of variability/change; and it’s this fear and stuckness we are disrupting with Newness.

And that’s why introducing Newness is of such value. We have unknowingly trained our environment, our people, and even our BODY to expect a certain set of things. And when we are deprived of those things, or different things are introduced, we are disrupting the expected.

By mixing in The UNexpected, we are doing our day-to-day life (our people, and our body) a favor. Brain science confirms that by doing so, we are creating new brain pathways! We are literally expanding our brain through change.

And through fresh experiences, especially those we begin and continue to practice, we are literally freshening up our brain!

So, when Change comes knocking, open the front door and INVITE IT IN by remixing your life; embrace change by creating the brain space and internal space for it to enter in.

Here’s to sending fear packing and welcoming this season of change together – as a family of Life Reclaimists – committed to living our Best Life, without limitation!

Yours in friendship,
Vicki Norris



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