REdefine: Allowing Life’s Wind to Expand You

Have you ever sensed – like you KNEW in your bones – that a shift is coming….a changing of the wind?

Others around you are going on like normal. But you’re standing still, even hushing the noise about you…tuning your ear to perceive what is coming.

And the wind is blowing through Restoring Order.

The “old me” would have been proactive, even aggressive, when I felt shift coming. I would have tried to get ahead of it, understand it, and describe it. I would’ve tried to package it up and label it– mainly so I could make sense of it and contain it. So I could control it.

My approach now is to let the wind blow. To let it mess up my hair and leave me unkempt and untidy. To hear it whoooling in the tree tops and to hold my breath while it bends and bows malleable branches (and breaks clean off the stiff branches). To perceive its awesome interruptive power.

You see, I came to the conclusion that I (shockingly) cannot control where the wind blows, the course it takes me on, or new path it forges.

That beautiful, supernatural wind uproots, redirects, and resettles those in its path. And I can either choose to willingly participate in that resettlement or I can apply all my human wisdom, effort, and angst trying fruitlessly to control it, with the same outcome, but leaving me exhausted and defeated.

When the wind blows and shift is coming, it tells me that a redefinition is imminent.

To REdefine means:

  • To describe the nature of something
  • To determine the boundaries and extent of something
  • To make clear the outline or form of something

That “something” is our assignment – our very purpose – at Restoring Order.

And, vexingly, delightfully, painfully, and beautifully we are swept up in the swirl, waiting expectantly as the redefined, fuller nature, expanded boundaries, and new form take shape.

Ironically, it is in the lift – that feels rather unsettling because our feet are off the ground! – that we’re making progress.

Now, I’ve observed that the best organizing solutions are those that are discovered. The root word of organizing is, after all: “organic”. If you want to order your home or business in a sustainable manner, you must let the project develop and the solutions present themselves as you discover more and more. (Of course, you’re not going to read about that manner of organizing in how-to books or artfully styled magazines – an organic discovery process simply doesn’t sell product!) [Read more about the organic discovery process in my book Reclaim Your Life]

But, I can assure you – after 14 years in the field as organizing experts – we know that an organic, discovered process WORKS EVERY TIME.

So, why wouldn’t it be the same with LIFE?

Now you may be thinking: “That’s all well and good, Vicki, but this re-arranging wind feels more like a storm! How is my life NOT going to be in shambles if I don’t manage this process???”

I can relate!!

Safety experts give the following advice for enduring a wind event, which also applies to navigating LIFE SHIFT:

  • Don’t panic
  • Turn off fuel (the “fuel” of our effort can actually increase the chaos)
  • Move into shelter (Where do you find your shelter? Ours is in our High Tower!)
  • Tune in to the radio for instructions (It’s time to “tune in” to perceive what’s happening!)

As you relax into this wind of re-definition, you will bend with it, you will prevent injury, and you will be moved along into the new thing sooner.

Your life REdefined is actually IN PROGRESS as you allow shift to happen. The wind lift will resettle you into your new nature, new form, and expanded territory.

So, here’s the VERY GOOD NEWS:

v  Wind does not require your input. You don’t have to DO anything, MANAGE anything, FIX anything, PREDICT anything, or OVERCOME anything. You can trade in your boxing gloves (many of us are fighting our way through life) for wings!

v  Wind produces power. We’ve learned how to soar by letting the wind blow through our life and bring us transformative power for daily living and catalytic power for healing spaces and souls.

v  Wind spreads seed. What if the disruptive, scary wind that is blowing through your life is not only relocating you but it’s also distributing the seed within you?

While we’re up here in the swirl, we’re seeing pieces come together below. But we’re not rushing anymore to force the pieces to form a sensible puzzle, because we’ve finally understood that when we do so, we end up with a smaller image. We’re learning to travel with the current, gathering power, and allowing for our seed to spread.

And so, together, as shift presents itself, let us gather in an awesome hush, tune in for instructions, and relax into the lift of life being REdefined!



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