Recognize Love When It Comes To You


REcognize Love When It Comes to You

Are you ready for an intensely personal visit? To come inside my room and heart? If you need to be filled up inside, to the very depths, read on to hear what recently happened to me….

Last week my family was on vacation and after just a few days there, I collapsed in anguish in the hotel room, unable to move. My back seized up and instantly I was nearly paralyzed.

For forty eight hours all I could do was crouch in a motionless pile on the floor. I couldn’t move an inch without excruciating pain. I just wept and prayed and searched the realms for answers. I hunted for the hidden treasure that this alarm was sounding.

Into those tear-soaked pillows I cried out and Love came to me.

The muscled arms of the Savior lifted my paralyzed body off the floor and carried me, useless legs dangling on the carpet. The rugged hands, familiar with fixing all that is broken, traced every muscle in my back to assess and discern and speak. Those hands corralled children, collected food, adjusted pillows, and formed a makeshift floor mat. As I grasped those unshakable hands, in a moment they were transfigured and I felt a Divine pulse.


Recognize love when it comes to you

I could barely lift my head to text. But when my electronic cry went out, even though a thousand miles separated us, Warriors stepped into my room, one by one, and sometimes in groups, in solidarity. Love took me into its family. They kneeled in front of me and placed their hands on me. Celestial eyes fixed upon me and would not budge until I returned to me.

The veil between the natural and ethereal thinned and I began to see things as they actually are. Humans, formed and pulsing with supernatural Love, are the intended channel for Love to come to everyone!

Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. It’s a result of what we perceive or intuit. What I experienced was a RE-cognition of the power of Love.

As the light came up and went down out the hotel room window for 5 days, Love manifested its height and depth and breadth to me.

  • I saw the Grace in every detail, that my cry for carrying deeper things was being answered by going to a deeper place in a time that had been prepared in advance.
  • I saw The Weaver rhythmically pulling threads throughout my life, lovingly sewing up loopholes, pulling out snags, and carefully removing lint from my custom garment.
  • I saw that there were things I needed to attend to in the natural that I had overlooked.

As time stood still and Love had its say, pain was forced off me like the supernatural energy of a mother lifting a car off her child. Pain had landed, but Love was lifting.

Love truly is more powerful than any other force.

  • Anger shifts its focus to the next thing to beat
  • Hurt retreats to the corner of the cage
  • Fear bullies and squelches to control
  • Jealousy hisses rejection while riding coattails

But Love…..Love never fails.

If the treasure I came home with could be weighed, I couldn’t have returned by aircraft! My suitcase would be overflowing with gold bars!

From the beginning of this incident, I possessed both healing and victory. But it took Love in human form for me to lay full hold of it.

I now better REcognize why Love had to wrap itself in flesh so many years ago to present itself to us; because last week Love repeated the act. I received Love in human form. What I could not do for myself, Love did for me. What I could never pay for or earn, Love freely gave.

I had not understood how deeply Love felt about me. The unbending loyalty. The rending of realms on behalf of one beleaguered. The healing balm of our words, one unto another.

Of course I realize that there are many instances in life where we receive kindness and love and service from others in our time of need. But THIS TIME, I saw behind the veil:

  • I saw that there is a difference between showing love and being Love.
  • I saw that the light of Love pierces darkness but that darkness cannot pierce the light of Love.
  • I saw the supreme importance of each of us shedding our stuff and stepping into our Love Suits so that the beleaguered can be rescued!

I’m going to share one of my treasures in my treasure suitcase with you:

As I sit and write this Love Letter to you, I am practicing being mindful of my sitting position. You see, I learned – just in time – that my Body Suit needed a bit of repair. As I lay crouched in a pile, I began to see that – though I’ve made many changes in reclaiming my health over the last few years – there was still more treasure to lay hold of! As a working, ministering, homeschooling, homekeeping mom, I had mostly put strengthening my frame on the back burner, tending to it physically when the pot boiled over. Trim but not fully strong. Healthy but not fully vibrant.

Now to you, it may seem obvious that if a person’s back goes out, they should do more stretching or weight lifting! While that is true, it is less than half the story.

You see, the treasure I came home with is this: I did and I do have room for improvement in strengthening my frame. But up until THIS VERY INCIDENT, I was thinking about it incorrectly.

Thanks to the alarm my back sounded, I now REcognize that even what I had been doing was motivated by the wrong reasons.

  • I felt I should exercise, after all, my husband is a dedicated weight lifter. I compared myself and felt I should “get with the program”
  • I felt guilty for not using the equipment I already had.
  • I wanted to fix what I saw in the mirror and wanted to change it
  • I could go on and on, but you get the idea….

So, at my physical collapse, all of these prior motivations for self-care came spilling out of a basket so secret that I didn’t even know I had it!

Yet, none of these motivations had worked. All had backfired a sooty layer of self-condemnation that had no place in my victorious life. And I wasn’t even aware of the soot! It took a muscle alarm to alert me to this unacceptable intruder in my life. (So remember that next time a physical alarm goes off for you….hunt down what your body is trying to reveal!)

My treasure was my “trade-up”. I traded in the wrong motivations for strengthening my frame for the ONLY motivation that matters, and the only motivation that is sustainable, the very same motivation that came to me: Love.

Since Love had presented itself to me, I have now experienced Love in that specific area. I now possess Love for my frame like I never have before. I have compassion and care for myself. I drank of the Divine Love that others flowed to me from the Source. And now I see as the Source sees. I shall care for my delicate, strong, feminine, trumpeting frame on behalf of its Maker out of Love.

No longer will I “work on” my frame out of comparison, guilt, or “fixing.” No longer are those false motivations needed because the overpowering motivation has arrived.

I wonder how many things we are not doing at all – or well – because our motivations are wrong. I wonder how much our lack of Love for ourselves and others is costing us.

I received so much treasure from my muscle alarm. Lovingly caring for my frame is just one gem in the treasure chest. What alarms have been going off in your life? Remember that these Designed alarms are for your GOOD, not your harm. I used to think bad things sometimes just happen and that you have to endure them, but now I know that each situation or challenge holds promise. Join me as a treasure-hunter, and you will receive trade-ups, too!

My friends, I hope this very personal invitation into my life reaches down into your depths and strums on the harp of your heart. May you let Love come to you!

Yours in friendship,

Vicki Norris


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