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This article was first run on Touchmark at Fairway Village’s July newsletter.

Reclaiming Your Health at Home: Body Products

Did you know there are “side effects” to getting organized? It’s true! One of the best side effects to restoring order in your home is that you can – with some focus – reclaim your health as well!

Reclaim your health body productsOne project you can do to lighten up your belongings AND improve your health begins in the washroom. Most of us have WAY too many body products….from shower products like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to things we apply upon our bodies like deodorant, lotions and makeup. Many of these items linger in our cabinets, creating clutter and sitting around for years.
Thinning out your bathroom supplies begins by removing ALL the contents of your bathroom cabinets and drawers, grouping like items by type. Once you see all the products you’ve collected by category, it will be easier to “prune.” Our professional organizers like to use bankers boxes for this process, labeling each box with the intended contents: “mouth,” “shower,” “body,” “nails,” etc. and then depositing the items into the boxes as they’re removed from the cabinets.

Then, go back through each box as a Health Detective – after all,

You’ll be pruning products
you don’t use or need AND reading labels to check out the ingredients you’ve been adding to your body. Believe it or not, there’s no regulation of body product ingredients either; which means it’s up the consumer to protect themselves.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Many people don’t realize that many chemicals in conventional body products are carcinogenic and cause cellular disruption in our bodies, causing health problems for millions.

 Body ProductsIf you can’t read the names of the synthetic ingredients, that’s a good indicator that you’re adding dangerous chemicals to your body. Shorter ingredient lists are best, with names you can pronounce. It’s really best to look for the organic label and limit what we’re adding to our bloodstream.

After removing any toxic products from your bathroom, clean the drawers and cabinets and reload items by type. Make a list of any new, healthier items you will need to get in case you’ve offloaded whole categories of product. This bathroom overhaul will not only organize and refresh your space, it will rid your body of a constant stream of toxins and allow it to function as designed.

Here’s to your health!

Vicki Norris, Organizing Expert and Life Reclaimist


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