Rethinking First Aid

This article was first run on Touchmark at Fairway Village’s September Newsletter

Reclaiming your health…at home

Part III: Rethinking first aid

A few years ago, I began to take a hard look at my first aid products. Looking at the labels, I realized I couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients, and many seemed like something that should be in a lab, not a body. As I did my research, which every person should do, I realized that many of these ingredients are, in fact, known carcinogens. I was shocked to find out that the remedies I had been turning to in times of illness were actually poisons to my body.

Blast from the past

So, I tossed the chemicals, and this is something you may want to look into. There are other options that can be more affordable than pharmaceuticals, which can strengthen, rather than diminish, the body. A few of my personal substitutes are Briotech spray and tea tree essential oil for scrapes, bites, and infections, and Arnica lotion, magnesium, and peppermint oil for muscle pains.

Through our personal journey to reclaim our family’s wellness, we now help our clients to do the same. Enjoy organizing and updating your first aid items. Here’s to your health!

(Author’s personal experiences and remedies are not intended as medical advice. Readers should do their own research and become their own health advocates.)


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