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Sole Proprietor Consulting

Self-employed professionals often drown in the overwhelm of handling their personal and business matters in one space.

Savvy sole proprietors know that boundaries around their work and efficient organizing systems are paramount to their career success. Yet few experience the benefits of self-employment because they are buried in an ever-mounting pile of paper and backlogged tasks. Restoring Order® Professional Order Restorers bring both organizing and business expertise to the table.

Our professional organizing consultants partner with independent professionals to create and improve (and overhaul if necessary) their business systems. Whether you run a home-based business, act as a sales representative, or are the sole principal of an emerging business, our business organizing consultants work with you to expunge the inefficiencies and improve your processes.

Restoring Order® Reclaim Your Work consultants empower entrepreneurs to take hold of their businesses, get in the “driver’s seat,” and reclaim their intended contribution to the world.

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