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Small Business Consulting

Small businesses can make big changes when they become organized.

Restoring Order® organizing consultants are engaged by owners, managers, and employees of small businesses to effect organizational and individual change. We can assign one of our consultants or multiple consultants to our small business clients, according to their size of company, preferences, timelines, and budgets.

Our organizers can work one-on-one with individuals within small companies to transform office space and functionality and personal productivity. We can also work with decision-makers, departments, or teams to overhaul and improve central systems, like filing systems, supply and copy rooms, and community processes.

Our passion is helping the business principals identify the businesses’ purpose and priorities so that objectives can be set according to the organization’s “true north.” From here, “ends and means” can be established and all initiatives can be filtered through this lens.

Small businesses who want to effect global change in their company can include all stakeholders in the organizing process, ensuring that the new systems are appropriate to the culture, quickly adapted, and sustainable.

Whether you are the CEO or the newest employee of a small business, you can radically improve your professional effectiveness by hiring Restoring Order®. Best of all, you’ll better understand your contribution to the world and enjoy fulfilling work!

Small Business Consulting

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