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Corporate Consulting

The corporate world can either be a place where executives and staff survive or thrive. Professionals must be equipped with organizing systems and skills to make their maximum contribution to the company. 

Studies reveal that organization is the most crucial predictor of success or failure for employees in either management or staff positions. Investing in individual and company-wide organization will give any corporation a strategic advantage by producing empowered employees.

Our professional organizers can work one-on-one with individuals within corporate environments to transform office space and functionality and personal productivity. We can assign one consultant or multiple consultants to our corporate clients, according to their size of company, preferences, timelines, and budgets. We can also work with decision-makers, departments, or teams to overhaul and improve central systems, like filing systems, supply and copy rooms, and community processes.

From managing direct reports to bottom lines, corporate professionals need targeted assistance for their space, paper, time, and task management. Some professionals need an office overhaul, decluttering, and optimal arrangement. Others require a filing system customized to their specific job description. Many need assistance managing their schedule, collaborators, and constituents.

In addition to creating customized individual and central systems, our organizing consultants are experts on the many layers of professional life. At Restoring Order®, we impart organizing skills and business savvy, empowering our corporate clients to enhance competence, maximize resources, and reclaim their professional lives.  

We take pride in impacting a corporate culture with positive change, whether on an individual or global level. Whether you are an executive, manager, or support staff, you can radically improve your professional effectiveness by hiring Restoring Order®.  Since the average professional wastes an hour per day through disorganization, each employee who “restores order” can gain up to six work weeks per year!

Corporate Organizing Services - Restoring Order

Organizing services to the Corporate Business professional may include:

Business Process Improvement
  • Identifying stakeholders in organizational processes
  • Enhancing individual, departmental, and/or company-wide processes
  • Establishing protocols for work flow, so that the job outlasts the person
  • Capturing policies and procedures if they do not already exist
  • Identifying and creating missing processes and protocols in business systems
  • Improving efficiency in existing systems
Workstation Organization
  • Clearing surfaces
  • Establishing work and supply zones
  • Implementing paper flow
Role and Team Management
  • Creating job descriptions for one or more roles
  • Assigning tasks
  • Identifying what and when to outsource
  • Growth strategies based on work allocation
  • Systematizing delegation
Paper and Information Systems

Establishing personalized systems and standardized community systems for:

  • Record retention policies and protocols
  • Contacts
  • E-mail
  • Electronic file storage on individual hard drives
  • Intranet or community electronic file storage protocols
  • Tracking and routing of paper throughout the office
  • The capture and activation of incoming paper
  • The management of current or pending projects
  • The transfer of paper, information, and tasks to superiors or subordinates
  • The capture and reference of benchmarks, dashboards, and minutes
  • The storage and custom organization of permanent reference filing
  • The creation of personalized, portable reference materials pertinent to each position
Space Management
  • Individual office organization
  • Space assessment and room arrangement
  • Furniture planning and/or design collaboration with storage professionals
Time Investment Strategies
  • Identifying priorities
  • Improving methodologies to streamline work
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Managing individual and company tasks and calendars
  • Preventing duplication of efforts
Product Planning
  • Providing options and customizing paper and supply storage to each employee
  • Product placement, loading, and labeling
Communication Process Improvement
  • Determining appropriate flow of communication for individual or group
  • Identifying reporting channels, clogs, and systems
  • Establishing information transfer and communication systems between managers
    and direct reports
  • Implementing one-on-one or group meetings to streamline communication

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