Reclaim Your Time

Reclaiming your life means aligning your life to your priorities. If you truly want to live out your priorities, you must reclaim your time.

We may think or say certain things are important to us, but do they align with our calendar? For example, if you would say that being an engaged, active parent is a priority for you, but quality time with your children does not show up on your calendar, you can question whether it is truly a priority for you.  Perhaps you’ve been squeezing “quality time” in between dinner and homework.  Only you will know if your priorities are evident in your use of time.

If you find a disconnect between the priorities you claim and the lifestyle you live, the good news is that you can begin now to audit and change your schedule.  Get out your calendar and reclaim your time!

Instead of populating your calendar with all your commitments, meetings, and obligations, begin with a blank calendar.  If being an active parent is a priority for you, schedule special time with each child on a weekly basis.  You are the only one who can adjust the way you use your time and to put first things first.


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