Spirit Consulting Services

Reclaiming your spirit is a departure from obligatory living,
stepping out of internal clutter and into the Original You!

Spiritual Consulting restoring order If your home and business are in perfect order but your heart and soul are a mess, have you really reclaimed your life? 

Eventually, every human asks the question: “What is the Big Plan and what’s my part in it?”

Spiritual Consulting - mentoring In addition to this search for meaning, most of us end up with “baggage” that needs to be shed and mindsets that need upgrading to operate in our intended design. Our Reclaim Your Spirit teachings, events, and products help address these issues, especially our PurposeScape small group or individual discovery course.

And then there are some that need a more personalized journey into understanding the intentional design of life and their unique roles in it…..

Spiritual Consulting and Spiritual Inner HealingOur Reclaim Your Spirit consulting is a unique offering wherein one or two of our Order Restorers work with you over a period of time- either through in-person or virtual sessions. We help you experience personal healing, discover the treasure of YOU and up-level to the life you were meant to live.

You can combine Reclaim Your Spirit consulting services along with your household, work, or health services, or just focus on your journey to discover your purpose.


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