Reclaim Your Spirit ordering your life from the inside out

Restoring Order formalizes what it has always been about: ordering your life from the INSIDE OUT!

In 2013 a shift was made. Many of you are aware of it. Restoring Order began more intentionally addressing EVERY area of life, not just our households and businesses.

We began to address the very heart of life….including our health and our souls.

After all, what good is it if you get your home or workplace organized, but your life is still terribly out of sync?

Our team began by looking at the things that weigh people down in life…those obstacles that keep us from our destiny. We examined the things that  out-of-order lives have in common and we found that usually folks are not just disorganized in their space, their health and their hearts are suffering too.

Of course, during our one-on-one appointments with our clients over the last 15 years we are daily having conversations about marriage, parenting, fears, addictions, relationships, over-commitment, frustrations, illness, and hurts. It just happens.

As we all know deep-down, what’s going on externally is often a reflection of what is happening internally.

And when we have “junk in the trunk” of our lives, it seeps out to every area of our life – the way we run our time, our homes, our workplaces, our relationships, and more.

Over a decade and a half, we’ve had the high privilege of walking with people and helping them through the matters-that-matter. From broken relationships to broken health, we restore much more than broken spaces! With our clients and readers and friends, we’ve ALWAYS been more than an organizing company.

But now, it was time to make it official what we’ve always been up to individually: helping folks heal their hearts and restore their spirit.

Did you know that President of Restoring Order Vicki Norris is also an ordained Marketplace Minister?

From a young age, Vicki has been passionate about helping people discover and live the abundant life! 




Restoring Order is not just the family business, it is the Norris family’s life assignment!

Vicki and her husband Trevor are passionate leaders in helping people take back their life in their households, work, health, and spirit.

They minister out of their homestead Dream Acres in Sherwood, OR, offering trainings, small group studies, one-on-one coaching, and special events in their barn helping people reclaim their overwhelmed lives to find peace, order, and healing.

Whether the Norrises and their team encounter a marriage needing healing, a soul needing freedom, a business out-of-purpose, they love to restore order! In fact, Restoring Order now offers Reclaim Your Spirit consulting! Stephanie, Vicki, and Kristen specialize in helping people achieve internal order.



(In fact, the reason all our employees got into this line of work in the first place is because each one has their own calling to restore order for others!)

The Norrises are committed to living life as it was intended, free from oppressive systems and obligatory living. From their business/ministry, to their health, household, and home education, they practice what they preach: a journey into the original, abundant design.

They integrate their young boys Nash and Brock in everything they do, from business to hospitality to events. The boys are budding entrepreneurs and evangelists themselves, always excited to make a new acquaintance and share what they’re learning.

Vicki often keynotes faith-based marketplace events, women’s retreats, and media seminars. She’s a radio show host, television personality, and dynamic entrepreneur.

So, you can expect to hear a lot more from Restoring Order in the days and years ahead on how to take back INTERNAL REAL ESTATE!

The result is that we ended up living a stressed-out, overwhelmed life without much joy or purpose.

Well, that’s why we’re here…to help YOU get back into congruence with who you were designed to be and to maximize your life!

You now have the choice to follow our content on reclaiming your household, your work, your health, and your spirit and we hope you’ll join us in the journey of ordering your life from the inside out!

  • To follow Vicki’s Kingdom revelations on Facebook, follow her Ministry page
  • If you are hungry to Reclaim Your Spirit, check out our audio & video teachings
  • Join Vicki and Trevor Norris at their home on the 1st Thurs of every month for a Ministry Night

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