Household Consulting

Reclaiming your household is much more than home organizing;
it’s about taking back what matters most in your life.

Home organizing consultingOur trained professional organizing consultants at Restoring Order® are known for dramatic transformations of personal spaces and household culture.

From kitchens and laundry rooms, to home offices and garages, we tackle every room in your home to whole-house overhauls. Drowning in paper? We’re experts in paper management, helping you clear surfaces, create routing processes, and establish a working, lasting filing system.

Home organizing consultingOur Order Restorers focus on the root causes of chaos and overwhelm. We’re detectives asking lots of questions, leading a discovery process that lays a foundation to ensure that your organizing solutions are customized, intuitive, and sustainable! We are there for you during life transitions, including expanding your household, downsizing, moving, and remodeling preparation.

We offer downsizing assistance and a helping hand for seniors and their families during times of residential de-cumulation and life changes. When adult children can’t tackle the enormous project of helping their parent(s) through changes; we will be there as an adjunct family member and guide through the practical steps of life transitions.

Home organizing consultingMany of our clients need systems for life management, but don’t know where to begin. Whether it’s processing the mail, managing your receipts, paying your bills, tracking your medical statements, or just keeping on top of projects, we specialize in customizing systems that meet your needs and lifestyle. 

Our focus is to create customized systems that are intuitive to each client. We are your advocate, and our goal is to educate, equip, and inspire you to become a Life Reclaimist™! Let our Professional Order Restorers help you Reclaim Your Life®!

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