reclaim your holidays
This article was first run in Touchmark at Fairway Village’s monthly e-newsletter. Here is the December e-newsletter article titled “Reclaim Your Holidays”!
This time of year most of us engage in a frenzy of activity. In the process, however, we can lose sight of the most important things. Keep it simple: focus on your CALENDAR….because your schedule will showcase your priorities!


  1. Identify your values:
  • What is important about the holidays to you?
  • What would you be sorry if you did not experience/accomplish?


  1. Differentiate between obligations and choices. When you thin your holiday schedule of unwanted obligations, you are making room for the activities that are truly important to you and will create lasting memories.


  1. Schedule the holiday traditions/events that are important to you. List all the events of interest, including visits with family and friends, celebrations of faith, and favorite memory-making activities. Then, prioritize the list, scheduling the most important items first.


  1. Schedule preparation time. If you have an annual cookie party or gift exchange, schedule time to shop for ingredients, supplies, and gifts. By dedicating time on your calendar you won’t feel stressed and you can maximize every moment.


Orderly living is about being intentional with your time so that you can live an abundant life!



Vicki Norris, President of Restoring Order®, is a nationally-recognized organizing expert, author, and speaker. Her team of professional organizers serves home and business clients in Washington and Oregon.

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