Health Consulting

Reclaiming your health is becoming your own wellness advocate and adopting internal and external wholeness.

Our team gathered around the conference table several years back and discussed issues our clients – and people everywhere – are facing in this overwhelming and noisy world. We discovered that one of the biggest casualties of living in this upside-down world is our diminished health…which has been sacrificed on the altar of convenience and speed.

As a result of this revelation, we began to internally implement new strategies and tools for our own team to ensure that WE have gone through the reclamation process ourselves and possess the experience and tools to help others do the same.

Our health reclamation services are delivered in the same methodology of our household and work services: during in-person or virtual sessions using a detective lens to discover what’s working and what’s not working in your life. We link arms with you to investigate your current health habits and environment to discover factors contributing to, or detracting from your health. Together, we’ll take a space tour of your home and unpack the many areas affecting health. After identifying each area, we’ll work with you to implement (and maintain) simple solutions – both in your space and habits – to reclaim your health.

The areas addressed are unique for each client. We are health reclaimists and advocates for YOU. We are the one person you can talk to without judgment; a friend to help you get from here to there. We believe health is holistic, encompassing a healthy home, body, mind, and spirit. Some of the areas we discuss are mealtime habits, food choices, organizing supplements and medication, activity and movement, and product implications for the body and home. We have no products, plans, or diets to sell you; our only motivation is to partner with you to reclaim your health your way!


Meet Our Health Restorers:

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