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Organization 101 - Image courtesy of Unsplash and Liliane Limpens

Image courtesy of Unsplash and Liliane Limpens


Reclaim, Restore and Renovate

Liberate yourself from clutter for good. How many times have you heard this and made a similar promise to yourself? This is a claim that Sherwood professional organizer Vicki Norris has made to herself and hundreds of others – and kept. She has guided individuals and business owners through processes that have saved marriages and businesses.

Norris is the author of two books, “Reclaim Your Life®” and “Restoring Order to Your HomeTM.” Her books guide you through the changes necessary to permanently delete clutter and disorganization from your home or business. She has appeared on television, locally on “A.M. Northwest,” and nationally on HGTV’s syndicated “Mission: Organization.”

It’s a process

Restoring order is a process, not just a quick fix, Norris insists. Nor is it merely an activity, such as cleaning a room but a genuine lifestyle change. She, or one of her trained professional organizing consultants, will work with clients at their homes or businesses and guide them through changes that will permanently delete clutter and disorganization from their lives.

Making a lifestyle change sounds difficult, but it is just a matter of reclaiming your life from the disorganized mess you might find in the garage, or your closet, or that disorganized pile of paper and mail in your home or office. (OK, I am using myself as an example.)

Stacks of jumbled papers are the No. 1 clutter problem for many people, Norris says. Bills often become mislaid or left in unrelated piles. Norris’ books lead you through a self-discovery process to help you determine the best use of each space in your home or office, and show you how to liberate yourself from clutter for good. If do-it-yourself options (like her books and videos) haven’t historically worked for you, hiring hands-on help might be more impactful.

Organize your life

Vicki Norris is the founder and president of Restoring Order, an organizing products and service company. She calls herself a professional organizer, but she is much more than that. She teaches principles on how to take back your life (beginning with changing your thinking), a key step in making that reduction of clutter permanent.

Norris explains what the nature of a professional organizer: “I help people figure out what is broken and how to fix it. I am a forensic investigator, process specialist, planning technician and a problem-solver. To my clients I become a trusted adviser, advocate, coach, cheerleader, mediator or confidant.”

Her approach is not to just fix the clutter but also to find the root cause of the problem and pull the weed out by its roots.

Peace of mind

One of the immediate results of getting organized is peace of mind. It begins by breaking bad habits and making a daily choice to change. For some, it may be a decision to be proactive rather than reactive. For others, it may be a matter of resisting temptation to procrastinate. It may be a matter of spending a few minutes now to save time later.

Vicki believes that an organized person does not have to be fastidious and uptight. A mother of two toddlers, she, too finds Cheerios in the car seats and dirty dishes in the sink. The key to her ordered life is that she dedicates time to resolve those issues and she has built a life (and business) living her true priorities and helping others do the same.

Vicki Norris’ books can be found at www.RestoringOrder.com.

To find out more about Vicki’s services and products visit www.RestoringOrder.com or e-mail her at info@restoringorder.com. Her telephone number is 503-625-5774.

-By Sandra Kennedy


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