Do you keep your receipts for everyday purchases?  Do you know why?  Many people tend to keep their receipts from the grocery store, the gas station, or from Target, but really don’t know why they keep them!

If they are a consumable item and you paid cash, you can throw it out immediately. If it is a consumable item and you paid with a credit or debit card, keep it until you can check the amount came through and then get rid of it!

Now, there are some receipts that you SHOULD keep:

  • Proof of payments or purchase
  • Support deductions
  • Returnable items
  • Big tickets items to establish value

I challenge you this week to be thoughtful about what receipts you are keeping!  Start pruning through your old stacks of receipts in shoe boxes or wherever you have them stashed.  Notice how many receipts you keep that you never needed!


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