REboot - Advancement requires the first step

The word of the day at our recent workshop was “reboot” – the participants resoundingly agreed that they had come to our “Reclaim Your Household” training event to “reboot” their lives.

These were women who were looking for more than a quick fix.

They knew that their shortcuts and band-aid approaches over the years hadn’t worked.

Many admitted they weren’t sure of the next step in their lives. Their future was colliding with confusion.

They were ready to become Life Reclaimists!

Most of us have felt adrift like this before. Deep down we have known that it’s not the space or the clutter that’s holding us back. It’s something more.

We’ve been told that limited space or too much junk is our problem. But we continue to struggle so these simpleton stories stop adding up.

It’s so easy to DISassociate ourselves from “clutter” or even from “disorganization,” and to push these problems outside ourselves. Until….the pain shows up. The evidence mounts.

And then…finally….slowly….often resistantly….we take the magnifying glass from “out there” and we begin to train it inward.

After all, most of us know that our behavior (and outcomes of that behavior) results from our thinking. Most everything external has an internal origin.

And so our efforts to clean and tidy and organize everything “out there” are intrinsically connected to the status of everything “in here.”

So where does that leave us?

Well, it leaves us with ourselves.

And – instead of letting that defeat us – we can CELEBRATE!

Because that means we can drill back all our organizing efforts to the one thing we CAN control: ourselves!Life Reclaimist

That means that we get to start by building our space, our systems, and in fact – our LIVES – around us, instead of chasing some external trail.

We Life Reclaimists can be empowered by where our clutter and overwhelm has led us…right back to ourselves…. It’s heaven’s way of showing us that it’s okay – and even necessary – to put our own oxygen mask on first.

So, where do we go from here? How do we get started when we come to the conclusion that our state of order actually begins with our own internal landscape?

Well, the one thing all our workshop participants had in common was this:

Each of them had taken that first step. They had each put “boots on the ground” to move ahead in their journey.

They had each invested time, energy, and resources IN THEMSELVES.

Each understood that they would continue to get the status quo if they stayed comfortably the same.

Every one laced up the proverbial boots and stepped OUT of sameness and into possibility.

That’s really the “secret” to organizing, you know?

Just. Get. Started. 

If we want to advance, we must take a first step.

We must try again.

We simply RE (once again) BOOT (lace up those stompers) and get going.

If you think about boots, they’re different than street shoes.

They are built for rough terrain or inclement weather.

They mean work.

Selecting them means you know there’s a job to be done or conditions to be weathered.

Putting them on is intentional.

And it’s true: we boot-up for projects that worth undertaking, weather that is worth enduring, work that we have deemed worthwhile.

The fact is: we usually will only boot-up for something that has (due to pain or possibility) moved us into action. Change is precipitated when we can no longer stay the same – either because we are convinced it’s going to get better or worse if we stay the way we are.

So there’s a switch that happens in our minds. There’s a little levered arrow that moves over to the “worthwhile” indicator that causes us to get out the boots and get going.

Advancement does not wear slippers.

reboot woman hikingI invite YOU to join a growing group of Life Reclaimists who have decided two things:

First, that THEY are worth investing in and second….

That taking back their environment, their schedule, and their life is a worthy investment.

All you need for this journey is your proverbial boots on the ground and people to link arms with – and with AMAZING YOU and your friends at Restoring Order, you’ve got both.

We look forward to a year of advancement…together!

Yours in friendship,

Vicki Norris



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