Reorder Your Life


REorder Your Life

Pour a cuppa’ and put your feet up. I would like to invite you into the most important message I’ve written in 14 years….

You know how sometimes you just can’t talk about something major that has taken place in your life until you figure out: “What has happened to me”? It’s a tongue-tied state of divine uncertainty. That’s where I’ve been for the last three years.

I know:  I share an article every month with you. I have published two books. I blog. I join the masses on Facebook, Pinterest, and Linked In. It may not seem to you that I’ve been quiet. But trust me, I’ve had a tidal wave of REvelation inside but it has been swirling and gathering strength for the last several years. Silently.

But before I could share it with you, I had to REST my way into clarity. I had to let it work out in me. No amount of figuring, whiteboarding, or strategizing could help me this time. (Believe me, I tried.)

So here it is. …

Up until three years ago, I thought we were fighting disorganization by “restoring order.” It turns out that was just the beginning.

Here at Restoring Order, our tent stakes are expanding. Our mission definition has exploded. I have discovered that our organizing business is the forerunner, the harbinger, of our full calling.

We are here to fight “DIS” with “RE.” Hang in there with me while I explain.

v  Dis” is a prefix. It means “apart, away, asunder, and utterly.” It means to separate.

v  Re” is also a prefix. It means “back or again.” It means to put back.


Out of orderAs it turns out, Restoring Order® is not just an organizing business, but an assignment.
It’s a mission to restore that which has been separated or broken back together, back to its original intent.

All along, I’ve said that we are not just a company that helps folks organize their lives; we want to help order their lives. We want to help the world put first-things-first and arrange their lives so they can enjoy their true priorities; to live in good stewardship and without regret.

We understand that to truly order our lives, we have to first figure out “how we got here.” We must get to the root causes and REsolve them, if we want to see lasting change. Anything short of that is a quick fix and a Band-Aid that will not last.

As of 2013, we’ve been helping people “REstore order” to their lives for 14 years. We are not satisfied with containerizing people’s stuff or simply “making over” a space. Anyone can do that. We are detectives, coaches, counselors, advisors, and special forces. We come in when everyone else has walked out. We are there for the long haul to dig folks out, determine root causes of chaos, establish new and lasting systems, and help folks maintain their quality of life. We partner with the brave and fed-up to REclaim neglected space, wasted resources, and sacrificed sanity.

As often as we are REstoring spaces at home and work, we are also helping people with their life management: to-do lists, calendars, inventories, email, finances, budgeting, photos, memorabilia, coupons, and all forms of household and work management . We are activating people through new schedules, healthier habits, and better stewardship.

But there’s more….it’s deeper…

We are RE’ing the DIS in life. DISorganization is really just one form of separation in our life that keeps us away from our destiny. Other culprits that prevent us from operating in our purpose are other forms of DIS: DISunity, DISconnection, DISbelief, DISease, DIStraction, DISheartened, DIShonor, DISrespect, and the list goes on. And on.

Restoring Order® is now a mandate. A mission. A calling, not just a business. It’s my husband’s and my life purpose, and it’s our team’s privilege to help the world “restore order” to all that is broken in their life and Reunite the world to original design.

So how does this change things for you, our friends and co-sojourners? Now you will be hearing a lot more from us on all subjects of life.

I have gone through quite a transformation in this recent season; I’ve stepped into my design. Into peace and rest and joy like I’ve never known.  To acquire this has cost everything. It has been challenging, stretching, and wrenchingly painful at times. I’ve left behind a lot of what I thought I was aiming for. Along the way, I’ve bumped into lot of man-made rules and expectations and systems that I’ve shed. And shed. And shed.

And lo and behold the more I’ve shed, the more the original wiring has begun to shine. It was there all along, there was just a lot of adapted stuff layered over it!

So, in the coming year –and here foreward – with our new “REOrder Your World” focus, we’ll be bringing to light the REvelation we’ve gained on how you, too, can – with intentionality and some shedding of your own – truly REclaim every facet of your life, including your:

ü  Household 

ü Work

ü  Time

ü  Health

ü  Finances

ü  Spirit

We’ll be sharing new blog posts and categories, articles, social media insights, and live events on new subjects you may not have heard us address before now…We can’t wait to share with you original, life-transforming insights for your health, finances, and spirit as well as wisdom on household, work, and priority management that you’ve come to expect from us.

We’ll be introducing you to new friends we’ve met along the way who have wisdom to share with you as well.

2013 is going to be a year of expansion. Come along this exciting journey with us to shed everything that is keeping you from your destiny. It’s time to Reclaim Your Life®!

With anticipation,
Vicki & Trevor Norris & the Restoring Order Team



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