Warning Labels of the Kingdom Life CD


This is an equipping message for those who want MORE of God and the fullness we are promised in the abundant life.

As you step into the Kingdom, you will awaken to the following 6 principles that Vicki unpacks in this message:
Numb No More– The Kingdom awakens the sleepers!
Time to Rewire – How to undo the wiring of the world & uncover your original design
DIS is After You – Recognizing the enemy’s strategies to separate you
Agreement is Everything – The Kingdom runs on the tracks of agreement
Everything on the Altar – Living victoriously starts with laying everything down
Take Internal Territory First – A call to internal mastery before external progress


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Once business woman Vicki Norris stepped into the Kingdom, everything changed. And she was not prepared for the principles she was about to experience! This teaching delivers 6 warning labels of the Kingdom life so that as you step through that door (that Jesus kicked down) into the Kingdom of God, you will be ready for what’s coming!

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