Reclaim Your Spirit Video Course (download)

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A unique and powerful training designed to help you Reclaim Your Spirit.

INCLUDED: Audio File, E-Course Video File, and Life Reclaimist Pledge

PLEASE NOTE: These downloads are only for desktop/laptop devices and are not offered for mobile.


You don’t want to miss the pinnacle class of our 4 part #Life Reclaimist Series!

The Reclaim Your Spirit course reveals the connection between your EXTERNAL clutter and your INTERNAL state of affairs!

The foundational principles delivered in this session will help you activate order in every area. A strong spirit:

  • Empowers leadership, relationships, and other-centered living, bolstering your household
  • Draws out your natural gifting, contribution, and excellence, expressing your purpose through work
  • Brings life to your soul and body, allowing you to live in health

You will learn how to eliminate internal clutter and depart from:

  • Hurts, wounds, and false beliefs, freeing you to live in victory
  • Obligation, including the expectations you have of yourself and those that have been imposed upon you
  • Limitation and negative patterns
  • In a unique community-learning setting you will treasure hunt YOU – beginning the greatest journey of life…..the discovery of the Original You!

Invest in yourself and step into the abundant life which you were created to enjoy!


1 review for Reclaim Your Spirit Video Course (download)

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    I thought your Reclaim Your Spirit class was awesome! I could feel the synergy between your perspective, and the details [neuroscientist] Dr. Caroline Leaf teaches… the combination was like a breath of fresh air! I must say that the course caused worthwhile reflection & some deep thought. Also, your explanations throughout were something I could easily relate to… thank you for that! – Bill R.

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