Reclaim Your Life® …and Get Organized for Good (paperback)

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Norris premiers her organizing theory in Reclaim Your Life™ and Get Organized for Good  (formerly known as Restoring Order™: Organizing Strategies to Reclaim Your Life™, Harvest House Publishers, 2006). In Reclaim Your Life™, Norris shares engaging and humorous insider stories from the frontlines of her work as a professional organizer.

She demonstrates how disorganization degrades quality of life and inspires readers to embrace the benefits of order. Norris explains the causes of disorganization and draws the connection between order and freedom.

Six key principles are presented to help readers understand and achieve orderly living. Readers gain practical and distinctive tactics to dig into their organizing projects and invest in their own long-term success.

In Reclaim Your Life™, you won’t find clichéd organizing “tips”; you’ll gain liberation and motivation for better life management.


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Have you ever organized a room only to find your hard work buried under a new mess in short time? Ever wonder why “quick tips” don’t last very long? In my book “Reclaim Your Life and Get Organized for Good” you’ll discover how your own priorities are the basis for creating systems that make sense for your lifestyle. You’ll learn the: 6 principles of authentic organizing, 5 causes of disorganization and 6 common organizing mistakes. You’ll also discover why your space—and your calendar—became so cluttered in the first place.  If you feel overwhelmed and out of control, now is the time to step into your God-given potential and Reclaim Your Life!

Professional organizer and television personality Vicki Norris leads you through a dynamic self-discovery process in which your own values and priorities become the framework for your personalized systems of organization.


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KEN BLANCARD, co-author of the One Minute Manager, says, “In Restoring Order, Vicki Norris speaks convincingly about the value of understanding why we have disordered lives, explores the many avenues of help available to correct the condition, and talks poetically about the joy and freedom we experience when we finally achieve order. Don’t miss this splendid book!”

1 review for Reclaim Your Life® …and Get Organized for Good (paperback)

  1. S.D.

    “There is a new level of orderliness to most areas of my home because I have been implementing Vicki’s methods for the past several months just from reading her books.

    When I am faced with an area that needs organizing, I step back and assess the overall situation and then apply Vicki’s methods. For example, take the linen closet and bedding. There was so much excess of sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, comforters, that it just wouldn’t fit anymore in one closet and things were located in various locations in the house. So I corralled everything together, regrouped what I wanted to keep, found new places to keep things by category, made a pile of things that were not needed or in excess and got these ready to donate.

    This year, my tax preparation went much quicker because I had my papers more organized.

    I am probably only about halfway through the entire process of organizing my home and my life, but Vicki’s methods really work.”

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