Reclaim Your Household Video Course (download)

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A unique and powerful training designed to help you tackle clutter hot spots in your home and resolve disorder for good.

INCLUDED: Audio File, E-Course Video File, Worksheets, and Life Reclaimist Pledge

PLEASE NOTE: These downloads are only for desktop/laptop devices and are not offered for mobile.


Are you overwhelmed by your chaotic home?
Are you drowning in clutter and over commitment?
Do you long for a respite instead of a place you wanted to avoid?
Reclaim Your Household is a refreshing and practical seminar – grounded in the wisdom of nearly two decades organizing homes and offices across America – bringing hope to the overwhelmed.


  • The definition of “household” – what it means to organize your household vs. your home
  • The payoff of an ordered and intentional home
  • What’s really behind your clutter
  • Hot spots of household DISorder
  • How to establish and implement priorities for your home and life
  • Steps to resolve disorder in your space and schedule

4 reviews for Reclaim Your Household Video Course (download)

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for the information presented. I consider it a privilege to participate in a class, and view information obtained from years of practical experience. This class was excellent. And I could hardly believe that I’ve never thought of root cause, in the context of household ordering/reclaiming.”
    Kindest regards, Bill

  2. carrie_sutherland

    This course was very enjoyable, so practical. Thank you! – Carrie

  3. pbutternj

    The class was AMAZING. Vicki is a gifted teacher and I am already using the Home Organization tips she shared. The idea of putting a paper shredder in my kitchen, next to where I process mail is genius. Thank you for the practical tips! – C. Coleman

  4. Heidi Starks

    This course helped with ideas about engaging your family in the organizing process. I look forward to learning on a time schedule that I can incorporate with the other obligations in life. 🙂 – Heidi

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