Life Reclaimist Video Course 4-Part Series (download)

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A unique and powerful ecourse series designed to help you Reclaim Your Life.

INCLUDED: Video and Worksheet Files of each individual ecourse session and the Life Reclaimist Pledge

PLEASE NOTE: These downloads are only for desktop/laptop devices and are not offered for mobile.


Are you tired of being overwhelmed and living out-of-order? Could your home, work, health, and spirit use a BOOST?

Reclaim Your Life with the #LifeReclaimist 4-part E-course Video Training series!

You’ll learn how to Reclaim Your Household, Reclaim Your Work, Reclaim Your Health, and Reclaim Your Spirit in these video and worksheet downloads that will take you step-by-step through each area of life and guide you to living the life you were meant to live!

You don’t want to miss the pinnacle class of our 4 part #Life Reclaimist Series!

Reclaim Your Household Course:

Are you overwhelmed by your chaotic home?
Are you drowning in clutter and over commitment?
Do you long for a respite instead of a place you wanted to avoid?
Reclaim Your Household is a refreshing and practical seminar – grounded in the wisdom of nearly two decades organizing homes and offices across America – bringing hope to the overwhelmed.


  • The definition of “household” – what it means to organize your household vs. your home
  • The payoff of an ordered and intentional home
  • What’s really behind your clutter
  • Hot spots of household DISorder
  • How to establish and implement priorities for your home and life
  • Steps to resolve disorder in your space and schedule

Reclaim Your Work Course:

Whether we run companies, are gainfully employed, or work at home, we all have common questions:

Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?
How does my work matter in the world?
How can I order my work life?

Reclaim Your Work is a practical and inspirational course helping you:

  • Expand your view of work beyond the 8-5
  • Discover your unique contribution to the world
  • Bring your work into congruence with what matters most to you
  • Establish customized organizing systems that help you steward your work effectively
  • We’ll review case studies of real people who have reclaimed their work life, and the undergirding processes that were put in place.

Take this opportunity to learn how to take back your intended work and thrive – instead of survive – in the GIFT of work!

Reclaim Your Health Course:

Would you like to improve your health, but don’t even know where to begin? Did you know that your home is full of clues that will actually help you discover the keys to your own health? Are you tired of “quick fixes” that don’t work and ready to step into holistic health that includes your space, body, mind, and spirit?

This engaging e-course offers you an opportunity to dig deep into your space, mind, and spirit to become your own health advocates!

Vicki takes you on a very personal journey – that began with their own family’s health crisis – to discover what may be out-of-order in your health and what to do about it. She shares a process to treasure hunt your space, which will reveal clues to your own health. Take this course ready to ditch shortcuts, overwhelm and guilt and get inspired to embrace a lifestyle of holistic health!

You’ll learn:

  • Some common denominators regarding health
  • What holistic health really means
  • The definition of wholeness
  • Two mindsets we need to eliminate in order to take back our health
  • Common health issues
  • How to be a health detective in your own home
  • What’s important to you about your health
  • How to contribute to the health of your BODY
  • How to contribute to the health of your MIND & SOUL
  • A discovery process to identify and prioritize adjustments you can make
  • How simple steps now can enhance and extend your quality and quantity of life!

Reclaim Your Spirit Course:

The Reclaim Your Spirit course reveals the connection between your EXTERNAL clutter and your INTERNAL state of affairs!

The foundational principles delivered in this session will help you activate order in every area. A strong spirit:

  • Empowers leadership, relationships, and other-centered living, bolstering your household
  • Draws out your natural gifting, contribution, and excellence, expressing your purpose through work
  • Brings life to your soul and body, allowing you to live in health

You will learn how to eliminate internal clutter and depart from:

  • Hurts, wounds, and false beliefs, freeing you to live in victory
  • Obligation, including the expectations you have of yourself and those that have been imposed upon you
  • Limitation and negative patterns
  • In a unique community-learning setting you will treasure hunt YOU – beginning the greatest journey of life…..the discovery of the Original You!

Invest in yourself and step into the abundant life which you were created to enjoy!

6 reviews for Life Reclaimist Video Course 4-Part Series (download)

  1. pbutternj

    I loved this entire 4-part series! The Home segment was my favorite because it got me to see my hobbies as possible revenue streams. Vicki is great at thinking outside the box and her creativity is contagious, teaches you to think with the same creativity. – C. Coleman

  2. Bill

    I’d just like to let you know once again that I thought this training class was excellent. Thank you Vicki. – Bill R.

  3. Sue McMillin

    I just attended the Virtual #LifeReclaimist Training Courses presented by Vicki Norris and it was awesome!
    I have been a professional organizer for 35 years and heard things in this course that I have never considered. Vicki has a special way of presenting to her audience that makes you feel that she really cares, knows exactly what she is talking about and you immediately trust that what she says is not only true but she has tested it and proved it on thousands of clients in her 19 years of being a professional organizer.

    If you are in the Northwest and you need some assistance with the organization of your home or office, Vicki is the master and her employees are trained to care and professionally bring order to your environment. If you are not in the area, she has organizers that can help you virtually to eliminate the clutter and reorganize any area of your home or office. Give her a call. You won’t be disappointed.
    Sue McMillin
    With Time to Spare

  4. Leisa Bilello

    Vicki’s Life Reclaimist Training Course is insightful and energizing. The course covers everything from identifying and eliminating home and office clutter to the discovery and release of the internal clutter held deep within our person. Vicki’s course helps you take a deeper look into the internal inside out process beginning with eliminating the internal clutter that results in the external clutter. This series offers meaningful insights, points, processes and reflection to reclaim life! After you spend time in this series you will finish energized either as you reclaim your own life or as you are able to help others reclaim their life. Enjoy and be blessed!

  5. Lila Stageberg

    I was moved to join the virtual workshop for Reclaiming My Life because I was feeling particularly out of order after the holidays. I was looking for some sort of central principles to get my thinking clarified, but really, all I expected was some organizing tips, and maybe some clever new techniques.. I knew I had a mess in all areas of my life: personal, work, spiritual, relationships. There did not seem to be any place to get started!

    The Reclaiming Order workshop series turned out to be a lot broader and more helpful than I expected! More than just a system or a method, Vicki set us on a hunt for what really was out of order, what was the reason for the discomfort we each felt. I didn’t feel singled out or criticized – in fact hearing how the other people in the workshop were also confused and discouraged was really helpful. Vicki has a way of focusing on what each of us wants, not what we don’t want. Her attitude of respect is very impressive. I felt no sense of negativity which was amazing, since I had been judging myself harshly for not being on top of things! I felt like I was out of alignment with my own values. Vicki made it seem possible to plan to really get myself straightened out rather than just shifting piles from place to place and making all sorts of complicated systems I would not maintain. She showed me how to just forgive myself and start over.

    That was the most amazing part – I was overwhelmed before the series and after it I felt like I had a challenging set of actions to take, but no longer out of reach. I am so grateful for the mental shift that will help me have the energy to actually clean and organize things instead of just feel bad about it! That was all Vicki – she has such a generous heart and she isn’t afraid to let that show.

  6. Heather

    Vicki helps guide you to discover where the internal clutter is (and how to work through it) to help you unclutter your external world! Her insights and encouragement is so compassionate and helpful – she’s on the journey with you! The information is specific to the different areas of your life but universal and can be applied to all areas, the four courses compliment one another! Vicki is inspiring and motivating!

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