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Inside your Journal Case, you can store catalogs, journals, trade publications, reference folios, magazines, or even supplies you want to keep upright like tabbed dividers or sheets of labels.

Creating Periodical Libraries:

Establishing a periodical library is essential in the corporate setting where many users need community access to the same publications. Organizing, stowing, and labeling your subscriptions into the Restoring Order® Journal Case will lend a high tech edge to your professional periodicals.

Grouping your personal subscriptions by type into categories, like home and garden, travel, financial, novelty, and fashion will determine how many Journal Cases you should order to complete your home library.

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Our Journal Case is a wide magazine file that neatly stores periodicals in labeled bliss.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 12.5 cm

Our sturdy, retro card holder, riveted to the front of every Journal Case, will make it easy for you to identify the contents within. By labeling each Journal Case, your catalogs will be more likely to be replaced with the new edition, and your magazines will be more likely to stay in chronological order.


As professional organizers, we think that if you’re going to keep your magazines and catalogs for a long time, your storage should last as long as your subscriptions!

The Restoring Order® Journal Case is a polished alternative to the mass-produced cardboard magazine file. Made of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum, and assembled with folded edges and rivets, the sturdy Journal Case lends luster to your periodical collection at the home or office.


Dimensions: 5" X 10" X 12.5" Weight 4.50 lbs


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