Home Offices Workshop DVD

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In this presentation, you’ll learn how to dig out of clutter and be intentional about your office space.

You’ll discover the difference between home and work systems, and gain tools to establish the key systems you’ll need for home office success. This presentation helps you understand why it takes more than just a “makeover” to order your space.

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of identifying your priorities before you begin
  • Home office types and proper infrastructure
  • A five step process to organizing your home office
  • How to build systems around you
  • The difference between managing your time and yourself
  • How to evaluate and design your space
  • Five essential systems for effective paper management

Run Time: 1.5 Hours

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Do you work from home and find it hard to seperate work paper from personal paper? Have you tried every product under the sun, yet still disorganized? Whether you work from home or just need a family home office, you need peace and order in this most-important room.

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