Garden People Video Course (download)


Garden People is a message about living as the Original Us. As God’s royal family we’ve been given the “ministry of reconciliation;” and that makes us partners with God in returning the world to His original plan. You’ll learn what it means to be His “order restorers” in a broken world.


In this teaching, you’ll discover the heavenly frequency of being “in one accord” and the importance of each individual clarifying their own unique contribution to His plan. You’ll uncover a secret hidden in Scripture – revealing the potency of each of us operating in our divine roles. This secret is THE compelling frequency that is bringing light into darkness in this age, at a time when the world finds Churchianity and its evangelistic efforts irrelevant or offensive.

Garden People unveils the strategy of heaven to use His creations – made in His image – to restore the world. You’ll learn both WHAT God is trying to do and HOW He has invited YOU to participate!


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