Family Paper Workshop DVD

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From passports to passwords, and artwork to homework, this one-hour course helps you deal with all the mystery paper that requires its own unique handling. This workshop is full of great information for managing family paper no matter what season of life you’re in. It’s three parts include:

  1. Health paper
  2. Kids paper
  3. Family & Household paper

You’ll learn how to manage historical and ongoing paperwork for the myriad of paperwork related to the family. You’ll eliminate nomadic paper that contributes to creeping clutter and take back your sanity!

Run time: 1 hour

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Does dealing with everyone’s paperwork cause stress? Are you the “keeper” of all the family documents, fielding countless questions of “Where is…?” yet YOU don’t really know how to manage it all? Family paper includes records for your health, family members, and vital documents. It’s not easy keeping all this paperwork straight! In this workshop you’ll learn systems you can customize to suit your unique family!

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