Plaque Problem

I love words. They move me. I savor them. I love to wrap just the right description around something I esteem. I enjoy acquiring vocabulary and I not-so-secretly relish stomping my husband in Scrabble.

My favorite are inspiring words. I hung a piece of artwork in the playroom that reads “How great would life be if we lived a little of it everyday.” I justified buying it because it has a vintage plane on it and my son loves planes. But I really bought it for me…to remind me to unplug and remember to LIVE life today.

In my kitchen hangs a wooden plaque that bears this reminder: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I have an unshakeable sense of belief, not only in what I’m doing but I love to believe for others as well. That’s how Restoring Order was born, after all…because those who are in disarray get shortchanged by their chaotic life and rarely seize their dreams – what a tragedy! This plaque gives me an boost when I need it.

This weekend I bought yet another saying…a shabby chic mirror with “Cherish Life’s Simple Pleasures” etched into the gilt…I’m going to hang it by my desk this week.

Can you see a pattern? I have a plaque problem. I am inspired by words and I buy too many plaques.

When I came to the realization that my plaque count was mounting, I also began to see why I keep greeting cards too long. I just love to enjoy people’s fond words and revisit them. If someone took the time to say something kind or if the card memorializes someone’s handwriting, I just can’t let it go. I’m not too sentimental about stuff, but words are treasures. Words are my love language.  I have kept every card my husband has ever written me in 9 years of knowing each other…now don’t get too worried, that’s probably only about 12 cards; not an overwhelming pile.

So, before getting too hard on yourself for collecting stuff, think about your reasons for keeping. Of course, some clutter is just backlog and it’s holding you back. But maybe it’s hard to let go because you’re inspired by some of it. Sort out which it is and ditch the deadwood clogging your space. Then take that which inspires you and give it a place of honor.

~Here’s to enjoying life more everyday!


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