Essential Oils

After five years of exploring the world of essential oils, and becoming an avid user, I’m overdue to share with YOU how much nature’s pharmacy has changed our lives as a family.

Rest with the familyTrevor and I discovered essential oils early in our health reclamation journey when an unexpected case of encephalitis jumped on my husband and began to ravage his brain. It was a terrifying diagnosis that leaves 70% of its victims brain injured or dead. Through a miracle, my husband’s life was spared.

This wake-up call put my detective proclivity on steroids. I dove into research online, hunting fast and furious to find natural cures for viruses. This search led me through the tainted waters of a failed pharmaceutical approach (with horrid side effects) straight to that which has been on the planet since inception: plants.

It turns out that using plants – in natural, tincture, and distilled form – is the most powerful and effective means to treat nearly all conditions, afflictions, and diseases.

We began using tinctures, adding these potent herbs to our water. Then, we moved into trying oils. Trevor’s mom was a distributor for an oil company. I had heard about those companies and found it fascinating but until this moment I didn’t know much about them.

Over half a decade, I’ve learned that oils are basically plant-based medicine without the dangerous side effects. Our ancestors and the ancient people knew about them but over time society by and large has forgotten about the potent power of plants, swept up in a system dedicated to speed and convenience and treating symptoms instead of root causes. But times are changing and more and more people are awakening and taking back control of their health using what nature has to offer.

I am not going to try to educate you on the science and efficacy evidence for essential oils; there are plenty of great sites and companies doing that. I just want to share with you, our fellow Life and Health Reclaimists, how much these power-packed remedies have changed our lives and inspire you to take back your health…naturally.

img_4594In my pursuit of finding virus-fighting oils, I discovered Tea Tree, Myrtle, Bergamot, Frankincense, and so many more. As fast as my research was turning up results for fighting bugs, it was also turning up other ways oils could be used…to fight stomach aches, end sore throats, cure coughs and colds, remove pain, heal bites and stings, clean your home, and an endless list of remedies for of other ailments – from common everyday issues to serious diseases.

My attention was captured, and has not waivered, from the endless supply of healing balm that Creation has to offer.


I have a whole host of favorite oils now, and I plan on writing special blogs on our experiences with nature’s incredible gifts in the coming weeks and months.

Lots of people have asked us about our experiences and I’m even hosting my first informational class on essential oils this week…just an informal meeting in my home sharing what we’ve learned and how to get started. (Please let me know in your comments to this blog if you would like to be invited to future events or if you just want more education or help – I am happy to share what I know.)

For now, I thought you would enjoy hearing from our team of Health Reclaimists – our very own Order Restorers who each have discovered and use essential oils in their own lives and families…Enjoy!

Kirstin Rohner

One of my favorite essential oils is Thieves – a blend from Young Living oils. I apply it topically to the skin on my neck before bed and more periodically as needed during times of increasing stress, fatigue, or if I am presented with cold-like symptoms. Combining Thieves oil with a balanced diet and a consistent sleep schedule has truly changed my life.

My life before essential oils was filled with doctor visits, prescription antibiotics and steroids, and a fear of the “cold and flu” season. Now, I can safely turn to essential oils for many of my health related needs without scheduling a doctor visit or taking medication that subsequently depletes my immune system. I have discovered that with patient, and consistent use of Thieves, and other essential oils, my immune system is supported, strengthened, and my body is equipped to function and thrive just like it was created to do.

Thieves has not only helped to strengthen my immune system, fight off bacterial invaders that in the past would have led to weeks of feeling sick and tired, but it has also given me the ability to safely, and affordably support and care for my body without constantly seeking the aide of medication. Essential oils have truly changed my life, and I love that they are affordable, safe, and smell good too.

Pattianne CarmicalPattianne Carmical

I’m not a person that takes medication; I don’t even have aspirin in my home! I just prefer not using anything or minimalist solutions for health.

I found out that essential oils can help as beauty aids so I have been using peppermint oil and coconut body butter under my eyes for a few months. I’m excited to say that the dark circles have totally gone away!

I have also used frankincense for dark spots on my skin and for irritated skin with nearly miraculous results.

Since I’ve been exposed to essential oils, I am now much more inclined to look into natural remedies like these for various beauty and health needs before looking to over-the-counter solutions.

Kara Sigua

I love having yummy smells in my home and in the past have burned candles, used wax burners, and used wall plug-ins to fill my home with seasonal scents. However, my husband really dislikes these scents because they give him an instant headache. So, I resorted to only using them when he was gone. I have since learned that these chemicals can actually cause toxic reactions in our bodies.

About two years ago my family was dealing with a couple health issues and an essential oil diffuser was recommended to us. While diffusing different combinations of scents, I quickly realized that these were the yummiest smells I’d had in my home. Not only were they natural and not chemical smelling, but they were helping my kids fall asleep, disinfecting the air, and creating calm.  My favorite combination for fall and winter is Thieves (a blend of cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, and other oils) and Citrus Bliss (a mix of citrus fruit peels and vanilla bean).

Perhaps one of the best things about diffusing oils is that my husband also loves them. No more trying to have yummy smells while he’s gone and making sure they were cleared out by the time he got home. Everyone in our family enjoys the benefits, the delicious smell, and the fun of creating our own concoctions.

Jamie TeasdaleJamie Teasdale

I was introduced to essential oils in 2010 and have been using a few specific oils ever since. Lavender has always been one of my favorite smells, but now I diffuse it when I want a calming atmosphere in my house or office. I have also used it for the last year on my face instead of lotion with coconut carrying oil, along with tea tree (antiseptic) and frankincense (healing) and my skin has cleared up and stays clear.

For home cleaning, I now use both Thieves household cleaner by Young Living (or DoTerra’s On Guard cleaning product). Our counters, floors and surfaces have never smelled better and I feel better knowing I haven’t slathered every surface of the house in poisonous chemicals.

I also carry peppermint oil in my purse and work bag for quick headache relief as well as breath freshening.

Stephanie MagnoStephanie Magno

I love Thyme oil! I rarely get a head cold but if I do it is thyme oil to the rescue!

My favorite use is to boil a small pot of water, remove it from the heat, put in 1-2 drops of thyme oil then inhale the steam. I use a blanket over my head to make a little sauna for my sinuses and lungs.

This use of thyme oil is quite remarkable. It will clear your sinuses and kick out the bugs causing the stuffy head in the first place.

I have learned this oil is quite potent so I don’t stick my head over the steam right away. I let it dissipate for just a couple of seconds.

I also use Young Living’s Thieves household cleaner and a handful of other oils. I’m a believer in oils and have so much more to learn!

Carol BauschCarol Bausch

We were introduced to essential oils about 3 years ago.  We have integrated them into our daily lives and use them in a variety of ways.

For example, we add several drops of lemon, lime or wild orange essential oil to our water.  It is much easier to enjoy water with an added touch of citrus flavor.  We have found as a family we are drinking more water and have eliminated soda from our normal diet.

We also use peppermint oil in a many different ways.  It is excellent for taking the sting out of a sunburn and also helps to keep the body temperature cooler by placing a few drops on the back of the neck.  Adding a few drops of peppermint to water is a wonderful breath refresher.  We also use it to ease an upset stomach.

To prevent colds and flu, we use an essential oil blend of orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus and rosemary. We have found that it helps to boost our immunity.  If we do catch a bug, using the essential oil blend reduces the length of time we are sick.

Our family prefers to avoid medications and use natural alternatives whenever possible.  We believe incorporating essential oils into our lives is a healthy choice.

img_4593 I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how our team uses nature’s remarkable pharmacy: essential oils.

The distillation of plants into useable, absorbable oils that heal, comfort and soothe our bodies is truly Creation’s gift.

Our team members have each gone on their own journeys of health reclamation and discovered oils as part of their health and immunity-building protocol.

That’s what makes us so excited to partner with others who want to take back their life and health; because we ourselves have experienced the empowerment of natural, original solutions!

Here’s to abundant health!



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