Valerie Cottrell – Professional Order Restorer

Organizing is a talent that comes naturally to Valerie. During her time working at The Providence Child Center and St. Vincent’s Hospital, Valerie’s organizational gift grew as she simplified processes that made work more efficient. She found herself revamping entire systems to clear out unnecessary clutter and teaching other employees the new processes. Valerie’s organizing projects reflect her desire for simplicity, efficiency, and usability.

Valerie’s love for organizing began when her children were young and she discovered her true motivation for an organized life. She naturally began looking for ways to simplify her busy life and all the “stuff” that accompanies a young family. Over the years Valerie continued adapting her organizational approach as interests, activities, and life seasons changed. She found an incredible gift in these systems: by keeping life simplified, Valerie and her family had more time to enjoy each other and their home. This is the perspective and strength Valerie brings to the Restoring Order team and our clients as an Organizing Consultant.

A native Oregonian, Valerie lives in Tualatin with her husband and their two teenage children. Valerie’s passions include spoiling her little dog Gryffin, crafting and decorating, and sharing her home with friends and family.

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