Stephanie Magno – Chaplain

Stephanie Magno is called to a life of healing, a perfect fit for Restoring Order’s holistic approach to restored living.

Stephanie serves as our Restoring Order Chaplain. She tends to the health and spiritual needs of our team and clients.

Since 2003, she has been working as a licensed Physical Therapist, educated at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She takes a holistic approach from the inside out with her clients, addressing organs, cleansing, lifestyle, and spiritual health as well as frame alignment. Stephanie and her husband Henry operate Redefining Health – a wellness and prevention practice aiding clients in restoring their core, their nutrition, and their bodily function.

With a heart for the deep things in life, Stephanie sought out Restoring Order’s Reclaim Your Spirit coaching and through one-on-one work with Vicki Norris, came into an abundant life and spiritual health. She is also a graduate of Vicki’s Biblical Entrepreneurship Kingdom business discipleship series.

An encourager, a counselor, a woman of prayer, and a healer, Stephanie is passionate about helping others restore their lives. Like Vicki, she is a treasure hunter of the root causes of dysfunction. She’s a personal testimony and passionate advocate of reclaimed living.

Stephanie ministers corporately and individually at Reclaim Your Spirit events and works with Vicki in the Reclaim Your Health channel of Restoring Order. She is the health trainer for the Restoring Order team, partners with Vicki in external Wellness Training events, and is a Reclaim Your Spirit and Health consultant with our clients.

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