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Join our family in becoming Health Reclaimists!

When Trevor nearly lost his life in 2011 to viral encephalitis, our family “woke up” to the necessity of taking personal responsibility for health. During Trevor’s life-threatening episode, we experienced the shock and heartbreak that the medical system could not determine the cause or remedy after tens of thousands of dollars!

Already a treasure-hunter, I went on a fast and fierce search for both root causes and natural solutions. Providentially, Trevor was healed by both natural and spiritual means.

From implementing dietary changes to detoxification to herbs to essential oils, we quickly became Health Reclaimists!

My passion for original, simpler living jumped the fence from ordering households and work spaces to restoring health. Our natural health journey continues today as we’ve logged thousands of hours of research, visited various practitioners, sampled a growing number of modalities, and tried innumerable remedies and health boosters.

Now, we are passionate about bringing YOU education, insightproducts, and consulting services to help YOU Reclaim Your Health! Our approach is not as self-described experts, but as fellow sojourners that link arms with you, share what we have learned, and grow together.

Join Us in Returning to Nature’s Pharmacy

One of our major, life-altering discoveries was essential oil. Now, we are learning the vast world of leveraging plants for everything from first aid to home cleaning and care to body care and beauty.

But I only want to use pure products that don’t make my family have to process synthetic and toxic ingredients. My mother-in-law introduced us to Young Living essential oils and they met the clean, original standards I insisted on. Their scope of offerings meant that whether I wanted to sanitize my laundry, wipe a counter, soothe a hurting tummy, or boost immunity, I had a one-stop-shop. Critical for a busy business owner and mom like me.

If you would like to join Restoring Order’s Young Living family, you can simply click through and sign up as a member. If you do, you’ll need our number (1401203).

As everyone knows with direct sales companies, there IS a benefit to us in sharing this resource with you, but I can’t help doing so. Oils have drastically improved our quality of life and I talk about them in my health presentations and people always ask me to learn more. Like, “How did Trevor grow ALL his hair back from being bald?” “How do you avoid getting sick in the first place?”

Do your own research for sure and join our family if it feels like a good fit for you. Then, enjoy the life-long exploratory journey!

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