National Careers (U.S.)

Ever thought about joining Restoring Order? If so, please read carefully…

Founded in 1999, by Organizing Expert Vicki Norris, Restoring Order began as a Portland, Oregon professional organizing company and now serves a national clientele who want to take back their life.

For nearly 2 decades, we’ve grown into our destiny: a unique community of Order Restorers offering restorative consulting services, learning opportunities and products.

Since inception, others who share our heart for bringing light and true order to households and workplaces have been drawn to Restoring Order.

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications for our national expansion.

Our mandate is to raise up an army of empowered Order Restorers across the nation and deploy them into homes and businesses. Our Restoring Order national family is joined in our mission to bring both external and internal order to our clients. We aim to end loneliness and isolation prevalent in today’s society through an equipping relationship with our clients.

An Order Restorer is someone who is actively reclaiming her/his own life holistically. (Who doesn’t need to reclaim some area of their own life: household, work, health, and spirit?) We understand that one can only “give away” what one possesses themselves. So, we invite people into a journey that we ourselves have already engaged in…the journey to reclaim and optimize our lives. In this way, we are pioneering a movement of #LifeReclaimists by example.

If you have been longing to have your own business/ministry (we call it “misness”!) in pragmatic service of others, becoming an Order Restorer may be your answer!

Because ours is a service model, Order Restorer Candidates are invited to engage in a ROBUST discovery and due diligence process with the Restoring Order family and brand as they consider their future with our community. If:

  • You’ve read everything on our careers page
  • You have a heart to serve others and see them experience sustainable breakthrough
  • You’re serious about making order-restoring your career
  • You’re willing to put in time, energy, and resources to your own future
  • There’s a FIRE burning in you as you read this

…Please send your resume to along with a cover letter explaining why you feel called to this work. We look forward to meeting you!

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