Filing System
I could write an entire book about home offices and paper!
  In my workshop, “5 P’s of Paper Management“, I discuss the 5 types of paper systems: Permanent, Projects, Processing, Perpetual and People.  These essential systems must be established to tame the paper pileup and allow you to work on one thing at a time.  Successful paper management must include a way to process actionable paper, store projects, and access a customized permanent filing system.

Recently, one of our organizers helped a client begin a filing system.  They were only a few appointments into the project when the mom was unexpectedly taken to the hospital for an illness.  Because her teenage son had been observing out organizer help his mom file her medical paperwork, he could direct his dad to his mom’s important records.  Gutting your filing system (or creating one for the first time) can be a lifesaver!

Without proper paper management systems to anchor their home office, people struggle in a sea of confusion, ill-equipped to capture information and documents.  Whether you are running a household, a business, or both, investing in the process of organization will bring you more productivity, satisfaction, and freedom!




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