make it go away

“Make It Go Away”

I confess.

I want easy.

I want the silver bullet.

The trained-by-convenience-culture me wants answers and I want them NOW.

Yesterday would be preferable.

When it comes to my health, I’d really rather have a neatly-packaged solution than an ongoing hunt for better health.

A packaged plan would be so much less messy than this keep-at-it effort of true health reclamation.

Because when you can no longer ignore your sub-optimal health, the journey to reclaim it is frustrating. And emotional. Sometimes I want to cry when I open one door to find three more open doors instead of a solution. And sometimes I do.

In fact, I’m often faced with my own compulsion to seek relief and a return to “normal,” even though I don’t want to settle for the status quo.

Over and over I have to face that trained desire to “fix it and be done.” I, like the rest of us, love to check stuff off my list. And it is indescribably frustrating when you can’t just check “better health” off your list.

Journey to Reclaimed HealthIn fact, once you start your journey to reclaim your health, it means that you’ve somehow been convinced that you must. And so you leap in, thinking you will just “take care of this” and The Journey quickly tutors you that this approach won’t work.

Health cannot just be “taken care of.” It cannot – and will not – be ignored forever.

And so we get invited into a Journey that we can either resist or embark upon.


Resisting only worked for so long for me. Until The Point of Pain.

In the year 2011 our family was swept into a crisis wherein we came face-to-face with the limitations of the current health system and our own need to STEP UP and become our own health advocates. So our Journey found us. Our health reclamation came to us.

So for the last many years we have been little-by-little and step-by-step researching and learning and experimenting and practicing new habits.

We’ve become convinced that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. You simply can’t enjoy life the way you were meant to.

But still the Journey can wear on you.

It’s easier to focus on the remaining problems instead of the victories. Because that’s what the trained-by-convenience mindset produces: difficulty and negativity.

With every health challenge, the negative mindset whines, “Make it go away!” as we retreat into self-pity. We allow it to seem “hard.”

But the Original Me knows better. The me that God made knows that reclaiming my health is a blessed necessity, a treasure hunt that I subconsciously pushed away for too many years. The Original Me knows that this Journey of discovery is actually for my good and not for my harm. It is meant to REset me to my perfect design.

The Original Me knows that every victory of health that I achieve isn’t just for me; it will be passed onto other Health Reclaimists who themselves are making a journey out of health clutter.

And so I choose to depart from “Make it Go Away” thinking and embrace the process of discovery.

Without the need to reclaim my health, I would simply not tend to myself. I would keep on driving at mach speed through life and give very little attention to Body – the very transportation for my spirit.

Treasure huntWithout this treasure hunt for divine health, I would not have stumbled into such an awe for Creation – for the earth itself offers up everything we need to restore and renew our weary frames.

Without out-of-order health, I would have no appreciation for that which my fellow man suffers.

Without this hunt for vitality, I would not have found other sojourners to share the journey back into loving ourselves.

And along this stretching journey of health reclamation, I thank God for the familial “will of steel” I’ve been equipped with and for the heaven-sent grace that girds me onward BEYOND settling for anything but original, juicy, vibrant health.


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