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Restoring Order® Hires Part Time or Full Time Order Restorers (Professional Organizers) Who Serve Portland & Outlying Areas and SW Washington. 

Seeking professional, dynamic team member to lead an organic change process in home and office environments.

Order Restorer Duties:

  • Establish, nurture, and steward long-term client relationships, restoring hope and possibilities for clients
  • Sort clutter and paper, determine process improvements, and establish customized systems
  • Home and office environments
  • Aid clients in restoring their households, work, health, and spirit


  • Grounded, mature individual looking for long-term employment and to contribute to company’s growth trajectory
  • 2-4+ yrs experience in professional environments
  • Prefer: College degree, consulting experience & small business experience
  • Qualities: Detail-oriented, problem solver, excellent communicator, self-starter, change facilitator, objective, patient, and compassionate leader

An Order Restorer possesses a unique blend of strengths…. Are you a great listener with persuasive communication skills? Can you envision and advance the big picture yet practice excellent attention to detail? Do you enjoy problem solving and process improvement? Can you confidently lead in business and personal environments, engaging various personalities in a long term change process? Do you naturally seek a high degree of variability and see possibilities everywhere?

Our Order Restorers (professional organizers) are change agents! Their role is to:

  • Achieve client’s objectives by helping them get organized. This includes:
    • Identifying issues with priorities, paper, information, time, and space management through an assessment process
    • Offering education, recommendations, guidance, and advocacy  to the client
    • Providing hands-on help sorting clutter and paperwork and establishing systems
    • Resolving problems, determining system improvements, and implementing change
  • Deepen and lengthen customer relationships through:
    •  Providing engaged, compassionate, and trustworthy service
    • Recommending additional services and programs to suit their needs
    • Consistently practicing customer care and follow-up

Applicants must:

  • Have excellent and up-to-date computer and internet skills
  • Be clear communicators and excellent relators
  • Be able to perform physical labor – standing for extended periods, bending over, lifting, etc
  • Have a minimum of 2-4 years office and professional experience (prefer consulting and/or small business experience)
  • Be available at least two Saturdays per month (scheduled time off during the week is provided to balance Sat. work)

Interested? First, peruse our entire website at www.RestoringOrder.com to evaluate our company’s values and brand and discover if it is the right fit for your needs, passion, and gifts. This is a full or part time, long-term position. Please do NOT apply if you are not available for LONG TERM work. We are seeking team players who embrace our values and feel called to join in our vision.

To Apply: AFTER THOROUGHLY EVALUATING OUR COMPANY, please send your resume and cover letter describing yourself, your skills, and your experience to:Info@RestoringOrder.com. No phone calls please.

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