Live Like You Are Moving

Live Like You’re Moving

I may be moving. My home is up for sale right now, and if we move, it will be close by….

I have to say that getting my home ready for sale has been a treat. Now, that may sound disgusting to those of you who live in FEAR of ever having to move…with all the organization and staging you’d have to do…you’d rather jump out the window. But, read on and learn WHY I am going to try to live in this state of transition for the rest of my life!

Here are some of the benefits I’ve received from having my home on the market:

I’m living in my home the way I’ve always wanted to…

  • I’m cutting fresh roses and bringing them inside each day and arranging them in my vintage jars
  • We’re actually watering our annual flowers daily and maintaining two beautiful hanging baskets…things are looking better than just plain bark dust!
  • I’m making my bed EVERY day
  • I’ve purposely tried to keep the laundry below the tops of the hampers by doing a load every evening
  • I’m opening the windows to the summer breeze and turning on the jazz music, so that it is wafting through my house along with the sweet smell of summer
  • I’m viewing my home as a welcoming place of hospitality-in-a-hurry…I’ve always enjoyed having guests at any time, but now I’m proud to have people stop in at any time with no preparation

Best of all….my husband has found new inspiration….

  • He is CLEANING UP AFTER HIMSELF EVERY DAY, including socks in the laundry, dishes washed and PUT AWAY, and even scrubbing the counters!
  • I am finally getting my husband through his “honey-do” list…at least a third of it is done…and supplies have been purchased for the remaining projects!!!

And here’s a testimonial: yesterday, a Realtor called and wanted to preview the home and I was ready for her visit in 5 minutes (other than my own appearance!)

Friends, please hear my heart on this topic…I’m not advocating living in sanitized perfection. Nor am I suggesting that you should really put your home on the market unless there’s a very good reason…especially in this economy. What I AM noticing, though, is the delightful state of mind and home (and yes, some habit changes) that are taking place with our home up for sale.

I think that after my home sells (or not), I will picture the “for sale” sign in my yard and try to remind myself of fresh roses on the nightstand.



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