KnickKnack Purgatory

During my childhood, I found that other people stored a lot of collectible and knickknacks in their living rooms.  My friends’ parents seemed to have the same affection for knickknacks my own parents had.  Maybe our parents decided to fan their special belongings out in rooms they didn’t want us playing in.  Perhaps they kept a lot of delicate items on the surfaces so they could tell us: “No roughhousing! Just look at these things.  I don’t want you to break anything!”

During my career as an organizer, I have been in hundreds of living rooms, most of which were relatively unused.  In these quit rooms I’ve observed that people love to display their possessions.  Perhaps these items are hand-me-downs they don’t know where else to store.  Perhaps these items are indeed too breakable to be stored in more frequented rooms.

Of course, to store collections, we purchase special furniture.  We buy lighted curio cabinets, shelving systems, sideboards, and hutches.  Pretty soon, our living rooms become museums of things we rarely look at in a room we rarely visit.

I should clarify that I’m not against having collections or displaying our favorite things.  As a matter of fact, I have a teacup collection!  When I have guests over, I invite them to choose cups that catch their eye for their own special cup of tea.  Other than teacups, I do not collect anything else.  I have learned that if you home is overflowing with collections and knickknacks, it will look cluttered and disorganized very quickly.

Do you have multiple collections or groupings of knickknacks around your home?  Have you ever tried to clear your living room and start fresh with only those items you use and/or love?  I challenge you this week to do just this!



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