Norris Family Journey to Reclaim Our Health

Over the past few years my family has been on a journey to reclaim our health.

We thought we were pretty healthy people. We stayed away from junk food and sweets. We didn’t indulge in many “unhealthy” lifestyle choices.

That was until a few years ago a serious illness sent us on a hunt to discover what was out-of-order with our health.

What we discovered is that our quest to reclaim our health spanned many areas of our life!

As we embark on this journey, we invite YOU to join us! For years Restoring Order has helped people reclaim their spaces. However, we know that what is going on internally is manifested externally in our lives! So, we are expanding to help you not only reclaim your household and work, but your health and spirit, too!

It is our desire to share with you the discoveries we have made so that you may also come into the abundant living that is restored health! Watch as I share my family’s journey to reclaim our health.



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